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A conversation about the Merciful God

Discussion in 'Catholic DIR' started by Mark Dohle, Feb 17, 2020.

  1. Mark Dohle

    Mark Dohle Active Member

    Dec 3, 2016

    A conversation about the Merciful God
    With a Despairing Soul.

    Do not be absorbed in your misery – you are still too weak to speak of it – but, rather; gaze on My Heart filled with goodness, and be imbued with My sentiments. Strive for meekness and humility; be merciful to others, as I am to you; and, when you feel your strength failing, if you come to the fountain of mercy to fortify your soul, you will not grow weary on your journey--Faustina’s diary(1485)

    There is no end to God’s mercy; it is given to those who have committed acts that are unforgivable. Mercy is something that can’t be earned, either from God or for that matter from other human beings. It can’t be demanded, nor presumed, but it can be asked for and embraced when it is offered. If mercy is not accepted, there is nothing that can be done. However, when one truly understands the need for mercy, it is found not to be easy to receive either, since it strips away all of our good reasons for doing what is unforgivable. Yet love, agape forgives that which should not be forgiven from a human standpoint. Human justice is seldom loving, but exact and demanding. Which has its place, yet mercy trumps justice, or perhaps God’s mercy is God’s justice. Mercy calls us out of ourselves. Our self-absorption and self-pity, as well as our angry defenses that keep us imprisoned in our own inner hell. To sin against another human being, made in the image and likeness of God is an act of sacrilege. Hence our need for mercy and compassion, as well as empathy…our connection with others is, in fact, our need for mercy as well. Self-knowledge is the great leveler.—Br.MD
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  2. Steven Merten

    Steven Merten Active Member

    Jul 8, 2019

    Hello Br. Mark,
    You stated. "Human justice is seldom loving, but exact and demanding. Which has its place, yet mercy trumps justice, or perhaps God’s mercy is God’s justice."

    We Catholics, believe in the Mercy of our Lord, God, and Savior, Jesus Christ. If someone is repentant, and they seek, and receive, absolution in Jesus' Sacrament of Reconciliation, Jesus wipes away their sin with the mercy of His Blood. Hallelujah!

    Pope Francis has stated zero tolerance toward Catholic Clergy sex offenders. Pope Francis is the secular, as well as spiritual, government, of sovereign nation status, Vatican City State. As you see it, how would Pope Francis, as civil government, grant, like Jesus mercy or like Jesus Justice, in civil punishments toward Catholic clergy sex offenders, in Vatican City State? Do you believe that Pope Francis, as secular leader of Vatican City State, could be 'loving' to Catholic Clergy sex offenders, while still punishing them with prison sentences?

    Do you believe Jesus can hurl the unrepentant wicked into hell, and still be our loving God?

    Souls perish in spite of My bitter Passion. I am giving them the last hope of salvation; that is, the Feast of My Mercy. If they will not adore My mercy, they will perish for all eternity. Secretary of My mercy, write, tell souls about this great mercy of Mine, because the awful day, the day of My justice, is near. (Diary - Divine Mercy in My Soul, 965)

    Matthew 13:38 Parable of the Sower
    The weeds are the followers of the evil one and the enemy who sowed them them is the devil. The harvest is the end of the world, while the harvesters are the angels. Just as weeds are collected and burned, so will it be at the end of the world. The Son of Man will dispatch his angels to collect from his kingdom all who draw others to apostasy, and all evildoers. The angels will hurl them into the fiery furnace where they will wail and grind their teeth. Then the saints will shine like the sun in their Father's kingdom.
    Tell sinners that no one shall escape My Hand; if they run away from My Merciful Heart, they will fall into My Just Hands. (Diary - Divine Mercy in My Soul, 1728)

    Matthew 13:47 Parable of the Net
    "The reign of God is also like a dragnet thrown into the lake, which collected all sorts of things. When it was full they hauled it ashore and sat down to put what was worthwhile into containers. What was useless they threw away. That is how it will be at the end of the world. Angels will go out and separate the wicked from the just and hurl the wicked into the fiery furnace, where they will wail and grind their teeth."

    Revelation 19:11 The King of kings.
    The heavens were opened, and as I looked on, a white horse appeared; its rider was called "The Faithful and True." Justice is his standard in passing judgment and in waging war. His eyes blazed like fire, and on his head were many diadems. Inscribed on his person was a name known to no one but himself. He wore a cloak that had been dipped in blood, and his name was the Word of God. The armies of heaven were behind him riding white horses and dressed in fine linen, pure and white. Out of his mouth came a sharp sword for striking down the nations. He will shepherd them with an iron rod; it is he who will tread out in the winepress the blazing wrath of God the Almighty. A name was written on the part of the cloak that covered his thigh: "King of kings and Lord of lords."...
    ...REV 19:19 Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth, and the armies they had mustered to do battle with the One riding the horse, and with his army. The beast was captured along with the false prophet who preformed in its presence the prodigies that led men astray, making them accept the mark of the beast and worship its image. Both were hurled down alive into the fiery pool of burning sulphur. The rest were slain by the sword of the One who rode the horse and all the birds gorged themselves on the flesh of the slain.​
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