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A Book That Asks Me Who I Am (Rather Than Telling Me What I Should Be)

Exaltist Ethan

Bridging the Gap Between Believers and Skeptics
I was wondering if there is a book of sorts that acts like a spiritual journal. It wouldn't just be a journal to write things in. It would be pivoted towards spiritual and religious topics. Like the first page might ask the owner of it what their beliefs are called. But going deeper into the book, it could explore and ask the reader all sorts of personal questions regarding spirituality. It wouldn't just be a journal, but it wouldn't just be a book either. The way someone would complete the book is when they write all their thoughts and fill up the pages with their own penciled-in answers to the questions asked in the book. I'm not looking for something I would update either, unless my opinions on these subjects drastically changed for one reason or another. And if someone is interested in understanding what I believe, I can give them my completed copy and then they could look over it and it would help them understand where my positions are through written form. But mostly I want this kind of book to primarily be used by myself. I don't want to read a book that tells me what to believe, but I don't want a blank journal that isn't designed for something like this. Does anyone know something out there that works in this type of fashion?