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40% s.a. child deaths due to aids


Active Member
i am not sure if this is the right thread for this but human affairs sounded good to me for this one.


40% of south african children are dying due to aids. this is an alarming number! what in your opinion do you think this means for the future of this region of the world?


A fool
One would assume that some people would develop a resistance to the disease (seeing as how it is not killing off populations in one whole go) and then they would survive as per the law of natural selection. Perhaps, assuming humanity is unable to develop a cure, this is our best bet for beating the condition.

I just wish that evolution did not involve the death of so many in order to promote the survival of the few and I wish there was another way rather than relying on this mechanism.


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fluffy i was watching this pro immunization program on public television about a month back and they were in kenya and interviewed two sex workers. the one has never contracted hiv aids or ks and the other one is a carrier for hiv and is not taking any meds yet the disese is not taking hold of her body at this point. i know what you mean by wishing so many having to die.

i was looking more for the cultural implications of this issue.