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  1. Samael_Khan

    Biggest benefits of leaving a religion

    So, this doesn't only apply to religion, but can also apply to any other group if they don't promote freedom of thought, even an atheist group, and also might not apply to all religions. And it might not even apply to all people who are religious as I know there are religious people on this...
  2. SalixIncendium


    Sentience is defined as the capacity to feel, perceive, and experience subjectively. Decartes once said, "I think, therefore I am." Sentience, as defined, is exclusive of thought (reason). So by that logic, one can be without the ability to reason, rendering Descartes' quote incorrect. In...
  3. A Vestigial Mote

    Epistemic value of qualia versus immaterial "mind"

    With this thread topic, I'm looking for any feedback that suggests that there are logical reasons to make certain assumptions about a god's existence given a rather particular aspect that cannot be known about such an entity within the information we do supposedly have, and given contemporary...
  4. Twilight Hue

    Are we linear thinkers?

    The question has some koan like qualities, privy for a fair amount of introspection coupled with real world experiences involving a sense of progression and direction. Do we think in straightforward linear terms? Dependent upon a secussive flow of preceding events that give rise to...