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  1. The Crimson Universe

    Hindu Tantra

    Are there any sub-schools of left-handed "kaula shakta" tantra in Hinduism? Also, which school follows the Kularnava text? I couldn't find any info on the internet.
  2. M

    Tantra explained in a simple way (video's: 1)

    Tantra is not the same thing as religion, it is a special powerful mystic practice. Tantra can be found in Hindu contexts, Buddhist contexts, Jain contexts and even in Christianity and Sufi Islam. Tantra is the result of thousands of years of experimentation with the human mind, so it is more...
  3. M

    My take on religion, spiritual cult, tantra and humanism.

    People differ in their notions of the concepts of religion, spirituality, humanism, tantra and cult. This is my own sketchy take on these concepts, which is loosely based on the teachings of my spiritual Master, Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar (1921-1990). In my view there can be no question of calling a...
  4. M

    Sádhaná (Tantrics only)

    I would like to give some personal comments on a talk on the subject of Sádhaná which Shrii Shrii Anandamurti gave on Vaeshákhii Púrnimá* 1958 during Dharma Maha Cakra in Ranchi, Bihar, India (published in Subhásita Samgraha Part 7 & in Discourses on Tantra Part II). Page 3 ==== SÁDHANÁ...
  5. M

    Tantric interpretation of the Q-lite sayings (Tantrics only)

    Q-lite: The reconstructed sayings of the tantric-mystic Master Yeshua Q-lite is a special selection of the sayings in the hypothetical Sayings Source 'Q'. They have been selected on their Tantric content. There are also some sayings in Q-lite that are not a part of the "official" reconstruction...
  6. M

    Tantra and Indo-Aryan Civilization (tantrics only)

    In Discourses on Tantra Volume 1 Part 3 Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (P.R. Sarkar) explains how Indian civilization developed after the coming of the Aryans into the then Tantric India. I will quote from the relevant chapter about one page at a time (in colour). Page 141 ======= Tantra and...
  7. M

    The Tantric master Yeshua and the Christians

    I'm a firm believer in the historical Jesus of the biblical sayings collection of Q-lite (see link below) and am much less impressed by the New Testament writings of the gospel authors themselves (putting it very mildly). The sayings collection Q-lite is a powerful coherent text meant for the...
  8. SalixIncendium

    New Mystical Tantra-Yoga DIR Suggestion/Poll (Mysticism DIR)

    It has been suggested by one of our members to create a Mystical Tantra-Yoga DIR under the Mysticism DIR. The purpose of this thread is to gauge interest in the participation of such a DIR. Please case your vote on whether or not you would participate in such a DIR and leave any comments...
  9. User14

    Mishra Tantra?

    hello everybody. Does anyone know anything about the path of mishra tantra? I imagine it must be mainly an oral tradition because information is scarce online. All I can really find is that it focuses on the heart chakra, it combines external and internal rituals, and that it is mainly...