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religion vs evolution

  1. questfortruth

    Fix to Theory of Evolution

    Humans did not descend from primates, because humans are still primates. Primates, in turn, did not descend from waterfowl, because they are still waterfowl. Fish, in turn, did not evolve from algae, because fish are still algae. And so on, until the very first simplest organism, which did not...
  2. questfortruth

    Problem of Evil

    A skeptic usually says: "the possibility of God existing remains open." It is an understandable situation because we do not live in Paradise yet. This means, that there is satan. The satan was not created by God of Love, because only Holy Lucifer was created by Love, but lost the gift and Right...
  3. questfortruth

    Legitimate Disproof of Evolution

    Dear Scientist, I ask you to give full consideration to the research manuscript I submit to you and to start the review process. This simply gives you the chance to reveal talents given to me, as I am not dumb like millions of similar non-prominent and unfamiliar submitters. I have completed the...
  4. questfortruth

    Is evolution science: Hovind vs Barnes 2020

    Comments on videos: 1. The scary and creepy thing: yes, it is. Evolution is the direct consequence of methodological naturalism: ground making way of doing science. Thus, it is science. However, Creationism is true. True to the Existent God. Evolutionism is Science, but that does not make it...
  5. Leonides

    My past with religion, being agnostic and are you against spreading the gospel?

    How is everyone doing today? So this is my first time using this forum website, and i thought i reach out to those who are in the same position as i am. i feel like typing this would be to long. So I made a video, talking about my views on religion, as well as my past with it, and why I'm...
  6. superdestructionyou

    dinosaurs never existed. The dinosaur fossils were created by paleontologist scam artists.

    A year back I was trying to figure out the real size of each dinosaur since I had read that most of the dinosaur skeletons on display were replicas made out of plaster or metal. I had thought that the real fossils were actual bone but than when I did a research I found out that dinosaur fossils...