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  1. Ezno12

    people said that the certain type of music genre I'm listening to is "blasphemy"

    I am listening to "hexed" music, and one of my well knowledged atheist friends has told me that what I'm listening to is straight blasphemy because I quote "The people who sing or make these lyrics are reciting Satanist verses and is blasphemy". Now I well know that rappers in general speak...
  2. Tumah

    Does your religion suffer from this problem?

    A sampling of comments on Jewish religious music videos on YouTube: /watch?v=vw_CXVnQ8qk ...God father and his Son Yeshua ha masshiach bless you all^^ /watch?v=xVeToZ-rIto Haben Juden, bzw. Israelis ... ja sehr, in JESU NAMEN /watch?v=xZWSaQSG1Ws" Yeshua/Jesus is the way" El buen camino es...