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  1. Ehav4Ever

    Why Torah based Jews would be unconvinced

    "If that is what you consider to be true then why does it matter to you what we Jews say?" That is the question I often want to ask when threads are started as if they are asking questions to Jews when instead what is being posted is a statement or manifesto. That is not to say that some people...
  2. Harel13

    Israel shuts down missionary news channel

    Israel orders Evangelical GOD TV off air To missionaries I say: we didn't wait nearly 2000 years to return to our land and live freely as Jews, only to have other religions attempt to turn us away from our religion.
  3. Sara Thinks

    Do Christian Missionaries use the tactic of Pretending to be Muslim to convert Them?

    Jay smith, is a famous christian apologists, who have been debating Muslims all around the world on vast topics about Islam. He has spoken of this practice " disguising as Muslims" to bring people closer to Christianity! watch the video where he speaks of different classes, methods of this...