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laveyan satanism

  1. E

    Should I Get Into LaVeyan Satanism????

    I'm just curious about this... I mean, where do I start with this? Should I read books like The Satanic Bible or The Satanic Rituals? I mean, I read this story called I Was a Teenage Satanist, and it got me interested in Satanism (LaVeyan & Theistic). I'm currently a non-religious atheist, and...
  2. SabahTheLoner

    Non-denominational Christian and LaVeyan Satanist spends 24 hours handcuffed together

    Video by BuzzFeed Rachel, a Satanist, and Matt, a Christian, spends the weekend handcuffed together eating, partying, getting a Tarot reading, sleeping, going to Church, talking about religion and being interviewed by BuzzFeed in order to spread a message we should all keep in mind as human...
  3. SabahTheLoner

    A decent page on the veiws on Magic in (LaVayan) Satanism

    This page was written about 15 years ago from a very insightful writer who has covered interesting topics viewed from a Satanic perspective. Satanic Ritual and Satanic Magic Although I disagree with some claims made from the article, the overall read left me with a good impression. What would...