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  1. Massimo2002

    Why do these things exist ?

    Why do cars , humans and death exist and will these things always continue to exist for eternity ?
  2. Ehav4Ever

    "A" Torath Mosheh View of Human Suffering and Responsibility

    In another thread, well as a question I once answered on Quara, series fo questions were asked which I will summarize in the following way. Why would a serial killer be allowed to abuse and murder a dozen innocent children over the course of his lifetime? Is what ever created everything...
  3. SalixIncendium

    Are Humans Truly Monogamous?

    It is a widely accepted social consensus that humans are monogamous creatures, intended to mate with one partner for life. This is a tenet in religious belief structures and is, for the most part, universally accepted in Western culture. However, when one views divorce rates, in some...
  4. Silverscale derg

    Why do humans not like reptiles?

    This question is serious. It spans back to dragons. We dragons are peaceful, we only kill once a month to eat something not insects or fish. We took princesses to treat them equally because womens rights of that era didn't exist. Knights act brave when they kill us in our sleep and even takes...
  5. Silverscale derg

    Why the hate?

    I will start off with something that hopefully won't get me banned, I already got banned on countless sites including facebook for my opinions I just hope you people aren't liberal pansies to report me for my question. Creatures such as wolves (and coyotes) which are predators are needlessly...