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  1. SeekingAllTruth

    Why Didn't God Leave Huge Quantities of Secular Evidence For Jesus?

    Why didn't God leave behind a huge trove of secular evidence for Jesus having lived on earth, dying on the cross and all the supernatural events accompanying the crucifixion like dead bodies rising from the grave and walking around Jerusalem? If God really wanted us all to believe Jesus is His...
  2. firedragon

    Is the Muslim Jesus cited in the Qur'an possibly historical?

    1. The Jews claim they killed Jesus (Doesn't say Romans), yet they did not kill him, nor did they crucify him says the Qur'an - 4:157 2. Jesus was called the "Messiah". - 3:45 3. Jesus had followers, him, and his followers preached a theology - 61:14 4. He spoke to the Jews - 5:46, 72 Rather...
  3. Twilight Hue

    Did Jesus commit suicide?

    I think he did by provoking the authorities with the intention to purposely die. Jesus Christ: Suicide By Cop If not, then why wasn't it an act of suicide?
  4. sugnim

    Question for liberal Christians

    My 4-year-old son recently saw an image of Jesus on the cross for the first time. Being a young child, he asked why that man was being so silly by going on the church cross. I explained to him that it was Jesus, showed him the nails, and told him that was how Jesus died. Our conversation...
  5. selfie319

    I'm left to blame for the End of Times on Earth

    God came to me directly and anointed me Messiah. It's a gruesome process and some don't make it through. The outcome directs Earth's path towards peace or war. I have tried my hardest and made it a majority of the way through but I am now struggling and don't know if I can pull through. At the...
  6. MountainPine

    The Atonement Doctrine (Did Jesus Die For Our Sins?)

    @q konn @Luca85 Part 1 Christianity teaches that Jesus died for sins of mankind, and the Bible makes it seemingly so. But is the atonement doctrine really compatible with scripture? In this thread, the issue of sacrifice examined in both the Old Testament and the New Testament. Anyone who has...