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Vasilisa Jade

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  • You'd get the *wedgie from hell* in this hot weather...phew.....

    May fruballs reign on your head forever..

    Oh dear God. Thank goodness for the era we live in. A scam like that a decade or two ago would have been pretty nasty. Many a painful trip to the ER to have your underwear shaved off along with everything else. lmao.
    If you're like most people, you've experienced the common problem of your underwear bunching up. Well, now you can do something about it! Simply send $29.95 to Uncle Sunstone and receive your very own pair of Uncle Sunstone's Miracle Adhesive Briefs! Uncle Sunstone's Miracle Adhesive Briefs are made with a powerful layer of glue on their insides -- glue that holds them firmly in place and prevents them from ever bunching up -- or for that matter, ever being removed. You'll never need to straighten your underwear again! Call 1-800-SUNSTONE-SCAM today!
    Sorry ST,many thanks for the invite.

    Lines up tequila shooters for everyone.

    Checked out the picture of your boyfriend,he is fast & sleek like dragon.I have only ever seen one other like him.

    Best regards,


    *spanks* self for being naughty turning your page XXX.

    Kills mouse too.*squeak*
    Hey Saint Tigress,

    You can toy with me like you would a scared wee mouse handcuffed to your four poster.rawwrrrr

    Hugs,cuddles & gropes

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