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  • I finally figured out where the Red-Blue colors come from for Republicans and Democrats...

    It's based on the clothes followers of conservative and liberal ideologies wore in the late 18th century. Conservatives wore red coats, and liberals generally are portrayed as having worn blue coats :D.
    Good evening. I would like to join the atheist/non–theist HQ group. Ah’m rarin’ an’ ready to go, dawg!
    I'm currently working on a research paper about Christianity... anyone want to see it when it's done? :)
    It sure does. I heard it in a recent Dean Koontz audio book I am listening to and fell in love with the line! Thanks for the spell check...
    We can, at the very least, look at spring break as getting 3 square meals a day and at least 6 hours of sleep. I guess what I'm saying is we're getting upgraded to prison status.
    I just like to say that to all the students; remind them there's light at the end of the midterm tunnels.
    oops sorry. I don't pay attention to date stamps and wasn't expecting a post only a couple of messages down in a thread to be that old.
    When I brought up how Reagan raised the debt from 700 million to 3 trillion, they denied this, stating that it was MUCH smaller than that, although they couldn't give exact statistics. They also claimed that "Reagan knew how to spend money to make money, like how Obama's trying to do but doing wrong." (Inexact quote, but pretty close)
    Most extravagantly, they claimed that Reagan set up Clinton to look good. According to them, the surplus that Clinton created was the result of Reagan's policies made years before.

    So, since they're obviously open minded people who are just a bit misguided, I decided that I needed to do some research to conclusively prove my claims about Reagan. However, I have exams to study for until Wednesday next week, so I thought I'd try and recruit some help from RF.

    If any of you happen to find negative (and TRUE) information about Reagan, or any concrete POSITIVE things about Reagan that I might be interested in addressing, send it to me.

    - Thanks
    (For privacy, as in, just in case these people have spies, I'm putting this in my profile instead of in an open thread.)

    Ok, so apparently, a couple of my friends (including one of the girls I like) really love Reagan. We had a brief (nonviolent) debate, and they challenged most of the information I had previously learned about Reagan in my really old thread on Reagan in the North American Politics section.
    They claimed that Reagan was so awesome that he was able to free the Iranian hostages with one phone call. When I brought up how the hostage negotiation was a scandal that had taken place beforehand, they compared my claim to something about aliens (in other words, they think it's a looney conspiracy theory).
    They denied that Reagan was involved in the Nicaraguan Contras, and instead claimed that private businesses were responsible for the affairs that took place, while Reagan actually condemned their doings.
    (Continued on next post)
    Oh, it has even started. Yes it was written by the government in either the 50s. I guess people believed it because they knew nothing about it, and were told 'communists' were going to nuke us. Empty rhetoric; it fills the pages of history.
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