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Agnosco, non sum:
Manichaean Christian (Auditor only)

I am on "Religious Forums" for the study of religion, not anti-religion, not even for irreligion.

If you believe the Bible is "all myth" or the commonly acknowledged Jesus never existed, or Muslims are all alike, or religions began in order "to control people", or "science" and "religion" are enemies, or scientific theories must be judged based on the religious beliefs of their promoters, or Marx Darwin and Hawking contributed positively to social harmony and tolerance for diversity, or even a pragmatic advance of science, it's hard to see why you should want to respond to anything I say.

Lamarckism evolved into Darwinism. Nothing significantly different.
Darwinism has become a cult.
Darwinists are people who say they are, like the Sagans, or who promote Darwinism, like Coyne. Heretics may pay obeisance to Darwin, and thus escape persecution, like Gould.

My heavens! Some of what passes for arguments within this forum!
Reformed Apophatic
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Apologist; Polythronologist; Natural Scientist; Pseudoscientist.