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England my lionheart
Nov 28, 2007
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England my lionheart

Rockerjahili Rebel, Male, from England

Premium Member

You could never be a man madame,hope all's well with you and yours Jul 19, 2020

    1. A-ManESL
      Thank you for your appreciation.
    2. Breathe
      LOL! You're a riot :D
    3. Breathe
      Incredibly vague laws so they can be enforced whenever they feel like it would be good. :D

      I heard a well-respected imam in Saudi said women should only have one eye visible, so as not to seducce a man. LOL :D
    4. Breathe
      Hurray for making book clubs illegal! Eventually they might make a (more?) backwards society where science is even scarier!

      I guess they are most definitely scared that people will wake up and smell the coffee from Islam!! I have no idea why they'd make such a law, considering dogs are disliked as pets by most Muslim scholars (at least, keeping them in the house), but if we brush that aside, why a Sunday? Why not a Friday? :D
    5. Breathe
      If you don't like what the people are doing, ban things! If they still do it, threaten them!!
      Genius eh? :D

      How did they manage to stop people from talking to people via the west, though? The mind boggles. Similar to the Great Firewall of China?
    6. Breathe
      Yeah, hopefully the change will come soon.

      Unfortunately I doubt it will be within our generation unless there's a sudden change, and even then I don't think we'll be able to get rid of the nutjobs for at least 20 years.

      I know that in Iran, Islam is shrinking, I think quite quickly. So many Iranians who come out of Iran end up becoming Mormons or Christians on one side, and others become agnostics and atheists on another, as well as many are learning about, and some even becoming Zoroastrian. An Iranian friend of mine said, "We are fed up with Islam, and even more fed up with Islamic values being forced upon us". Even the majority of Iranians that come out of Iran and keep their faith tend to be liberal.

      Perhaps the early Muslims discovered this, and that is why the death penalty was created, and since one's children are Muslim as well because of the father (since we all know a Muslim woman can only marry a Muslim man, but a Muslim man can marry a Christian or Jewish woman as well as a Muslim woman), it's often almost impossible to leave Islam except moving elsewhere and changing your name or something as well, really, and considering not everyone can afford that, it makes a pretty good way of keeping them in!

      Sad, really!
    7. Breathe
      Yeah, you're totally right. It's interesting, but at the same time it's a little scary. It's nice to know that a few Muslims are disagreeing with this concept though, such as one on this forum. Unfortunately it's being a slow change from "KILL THEM!" to "Leave them alone".

      If anything, I feel it just makes people scared of Islam. I wouldn't ever be ready to join Islam in the free democratic world because of the fear of backlash in the local community simply because my soul tells me otherwise and I'm unhappy in it.

      As you said, many Muslims can't see a problem with the death penalty, and that's a sad, sad thing. We should all be given freedom to live as we please, I wonder why they automatically think they would be harming the community, other than because they feel deep down that Islam is a religion that if you're capable of getting out of, you will, and so that's why you need to be kept in with force, which is the impression I got on the thread :help: :Dhttp://www.religiousforums.com/forum/../images/smilies/help.gifhttp://www.religiousforums.com/forum/../images/smilies/eek.gifhttp://www.religiousforums.com/forum/../images/smilies/runaway.gif
    8. .lava
      a friend of mine have the same kind of pitbull. he was extremely smart, loyal and lovely. he could understand almost everything we say. i know they are not like other vicious kind :) but they are very strong. my friend's dog used to love water. if you walk him by the sea you could never stop him fom jumping in the sea lol
    9. .lava
      just saw photographs. are those your pets? you have a pitbull?
    10. Heneni
      Soooo......its saturday. HE HE.
    11. Heneni
      I ask myself the same question most saturday nights. HE HE.... Im a homey kind of person. Like to put the volume up on the stereo, grab a glass of wine and flop my brain around like a fish out of water on saturday nights. It does hurt a little on a sunday morning, due to too much thinking on a saturday night. Hope your well...what you doing this saturday evening?
    12. Breathe
      We spend a lot of time debating in Islamic sections. :D
    13. Breathe
      I just thought something!!
    14. .lava
      don't be confused :) Judgment accidently fruballed me i guess he thought i was you. that is all.
    15. Heneni
    16. Heneni
      No they dont. Lets hope it lasts..I have a feeling somebody will make something worse in the future. LOL.
    17. Gharib
      you bet. when i saw it i thought, "what? :eek: that can't be right." you haven't converted have you.:D

      i though you were speaking about the post that you frubaled me, thats why it was unexpected, but i really was surprised to see that. you should do it more often i recon. :cool:
    18. Gharib
      alaykum selam, england. what do you mean by 'impressed', that the same arguments are used every time.
    19. Gharib
      thanks for the frubals man, i like frubals.:D
    20. .lava
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