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Oct 1, 2017
Aug 10, 2011
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Sceptic, Libertarian, Egalitarian, Male, from England

Premium Member
9Westy9 was last seen:
Oct 1, 2017
    1. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Bayern Munich is our next opponent in the CL.

      R.I.P., Man United.
    2. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      RVP was phenomenal yesterday. That comeback was a joy to behold. :D

      I still think we should sack Moyes though.
    3. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Thanks. I'm going to check it out as soon as I have enough time.

      Be forewarned, though: If I get addicted, you'll be the one to blame for recommending it. :D
    4. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Its Wikipedia page says it has 26 episodes. Is that the whole show, or are there other runs?
    5. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      So, I've been thinking about watching some anime, but I don't know much about any of the more popular series. Can you recommend some that aren't too gory and/or gruesome? :D
    6. Breathe
      Niiice. :D
    7. Breathe
      Nice, what you thinking of Ergo Proxy so far?
    8. Breathe
      I thought the same. Give Nisekoi 2 or 3 episodes to get "into" itself. The first episode was a massive letdown, but it does get better. Yahari Ore no Seishun Rabu Kome wa Machigatteiru is also pretty good, as is DFrag. Noragami, too, but it was another case of "it takes a few episodes to get into it". :D
    9. Breathe
      Not liking tsundere? Absolutely heretical. :D
    10. Breathe
      Never heard of it, will have a look. :)
      And those two are good. Nisekoi has a tsundere girl. :)
    11. Breathe
      School Days, I think, has a bit of a yandere vibe. Otherwise there's not many. Which sucks! Yandere is cool. :D

      Are you watching Engaged to the Unidentified, or Nisekoi? Those are pretty good. I like Nisekoi. :)
    12. Breathe
      White Album. Got it. :D
      And yeah, I think so. I liked it because it was so awkward. :D

      Where are all the yandere at right now?
    13. Breathe
      Good question. She likes a lot of them. She's pretty open to them.

      At the moment, we're watching Usagi Drop, for a change. It's cute, so far.
      She enjoyed School Days.

      She's not bothered about things a bit ecchi, either. She watched High School DxD and didn't find it awkward or embarrassing.

      So, anything you've got to throw at her, even if it makes her squirm. >:3
    14. Breathe
      Dude! My sis-in-law is getting on my *** about having no anime to watch, and she can't into computers. Save me! :cover:
    15. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Dortmund's performance hasn't been that great lately. They were better last year, in my opinion.

      I wish Ferguson had chosen Mourinho to manage Man United instead of David Moyes. Not sure why he went for the latter, but it looks like we may have to look for another manager if we want to achieve anything next season.
    16. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Did you watch Man United's match yesterday? That was nearly as disastrous as our 1-6 loss against Man City. :p

      I think we should sack Moyes. It's clear to me that the players aren't the main problem at this point; it's just that he doesn't know how to employ them well.
    17. The Sum of Awe
      The Sum of Awe
      You, sir, certainly know your music :D

      Thanks for the frubes
    18. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Moyes has screwed our team up, in my opinion. We need better defense, and I agree that the midfield also needs some improvement. Good attack power isn't enough on its own.

      Arsenal's transfers seem to have really turned things around for them, so I think we should be able to do the same with some decent transfers... maybe next season or something, starting with David Moyes. :p
    19. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      I think England should have Wilshere in the starting eleven. He has been superb with Arsenal this season, from what I've seen.

      Also, David Moyes should be exiled to Bristol after the World Cup. :p
    20. Debater Slayer
      Debater Slayer
      Yeah. England is in a pretty crappy (as in, difficult as hell) group. They'll be lucky if they make it past the group stage. :p

      I'm rooting for Italy, Germany, and England, though--in that order.
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