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Zoroastrian Revival in Iran?


Premium Member
I've read around the place here and there a few claims that Zoroastrianism is growing hugely among Iranian young people of late. Upon looking it up briefly, I haven't found any evidence of this.

I'm curious - do you think this is the case? If so, do you have any sources I could look at?



I don't know.

I have heard the same, but it could simply be a way for people to rebel against the theocracy. It could completely legit and people don't convert out of fear. It could be a small minority, it could be a major change. If Iran was a secular free country today I guarantee some would convert. But it's not and unlikely will be for a long time. The sunni-shia divide is growing and that will push more religious Iranians away from Islam. So it's up in the air but definitely looking positive for Zoroastrianism.

The only thing that could reverse this is if the U.S. bombs Iran like it did Iraq, and a Shi'a version of ISIS is born.

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It'd be great if Zoroastrianism saw a significant revival in its homeland. It might serve to curb the power of the mullahs and the Ayatollah. That and I think spending roughly a millennium as a minority religion would give many Zoroastrians a sobering view of how less populous religions should and should not be treated.