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Your username


1/10 Subway Stalinist
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My mates had a habit of naming me "Captain <insert job name here>" depending on where I worked. I originally worked at a supermarket called Woodies on Wandall, and my mates started calling me Captain Woody, to which many penis jokes were made. I started working for Civic Video, a video store chain in Australia (don't know about America), so Captain Civic was inevitable. I was at that store for nearly 4 years, and so I had that name for so long that it stuck.
Ah. I assumed it was because you had a Honda. :D

In case anyone's curious, I explained my user name here.


Question Everything
Everything I post is "just an idea" ... so don't take anything I post too seriously ;) This is where Iike to brainstorm without having any of the consequences of doing it in front of people I know :)


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I came up with this name during a very inspirational part of my life, where epiphanies were a daily occurance. Named after a sandwich....it means change for the better.


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During my A level studies I did a lot of work on the hexaqua metal complexes. We name them after the transition metal, like this: Hexaquacobalt(II), where the (II) represents the oxidation state of the metal in the complex. Well I had just finished some hexaqua-related coursework and decided to use my name as a homage to my chemistry studies. Happy times. =)


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My username is ChristianBrother as I am a Christian, and I believe in the brotherhood of man. There's nothing more comforting than someone coming up to you and saying, "God loves you brother", which is where I got the inspiration.



M is my first initial, Ball is my last name and 1297 is the year that the Battle of Stirling took place. This is my usual username for anywhere I need one. I use the same one because I forget stuff a lot, and this way, it's easy to remember.
Ball is your reall last name? :p

Must be nasty to see my nick every time then :rolleyes:


Reiðrœska;1300359 said:
Ancient Norse for angry youth, because I'm an easily angered young viking.
WOW, when I saw your name for the first, I was actually thinking "what would it mean"...

Handy threads these...:cool:


Well-Known Member
"Elessar" comes from a more obscure Lord of the Rings reference, to those who've done no more than see the films, at least. It's the regnal name of Aragorn when he assumes the throne of Gondor. It means "The Elf's Stone" in Quenya, or High Elvish.

I use it because, back when I was just getting involved in the internet and computers, I had also just read "The Lord of the Rings" all the way through. And I just never changed.


ThrUU the Looking Glass
I caught the reference, do I get geek points? ;)

I thought it meant something about him being a healer, though.


Voice deeper than Thor's
How is it pronounced?

Sort of like "Rythe-Roeska", I can't really explain how to pronounce oe other than an O with an umlaut (the 2 dots above it). I think you have to say Reska with your lips in the position to say Roska, but I don't really speak any language other than English, French and Spanish so I'm entirely sure.


Depends Upon My Mood..
I probably already said this...

But Im from Dallas

and here is Apple....