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Your Fav Religious Movies?


Active Member

Ok.. I'm starting.. My favorites are:

Tala va Mes (Gold and Copper) - 2011
Khoda Nazdik Ast (God is Close) - 2006
Rang-e Khoda (God's Color) - 1999

Do you like watching religious movies?
If yes, can you name some of your fav?

(ps. please family movies.. that is no violence or sex in them.. thank you for your understanding..)
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RF Goddess
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Premium Member
My Hindu favourites include:

Nimai of Nadia
Bhakta Prahlada
Ramayana (the animation)
Sita's Wedding (Sita Swayamvar)

And from the other side of the religious spectrum:

Ben Hur
The Ten Commandments
Does "7 Years in Tibet" count?

It was banned here but I watched it thanks to my friend who brought it from America.

I also watched a Korean movie whose Chinese name is 春夏秋冬又一春. I do not know the English name, but the meaning is something like "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring Again".

It is also about Buddhism. It is a nice movie since there is not much speaking and therefore you don't need to understand Korean to watch it.

Also I remember watching one movie which was about Jesus' life and teachings but I forget the title.