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Wise Men


Saint in training
Do the Zoroastrians have a special celebration this time of year? I ask this because the Three Wise Men that followed the star to the baby Jesus were probably Zorastor priests. Does any one know the answer or an explanation if I'm totally wrong? Thanks!


The word 'mage' or 'magi' is derived from the word Majushan, which is what a Zoroastrian priest is called.


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Ushta Sk2005

Read a thread right here about the Magii. It will answer part of your question. Now, as to festivals on December 21 we celebrate Yalda, (Yule Tide) or the Winter Solstice . In the longest night of the yaer we 'help; the4 sun by lighting big outsid fires, (the bigger the better) and spend all night seating by the fire side singing, praying, eating etc. There is usually a sermon and some more singing and then, when the sun comes out, we also circle the fire and sing some more. Finally we have breakfast and put out the fire,

This varies in different countries , what I just described happened in Venezuela , and I believe Brazil has a similar celebration. In Iran the religious aspect is curtailed , you do not want to antagonize the moolahs!!

Also on January 31 there is Sadeh, and that is the festival to the Fire, but now a days in Iran is become just a series of contexts around the fire , Indeed students usually start protests against the moolahs around this time.

By the way:
Que el Mas Sabio te sonria!
Ushta Te