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wiccan rede....and three fold law...


Hellenismos, BTW
In the religion of wicca and the understanding of universal law, who made these 'laws' doctrine and upon what science are they considered truth??

I know this is a zombie thread but since it appears no one at the time was well-versed in either, I thought I'd add my two-bits.

The Wiccan Rede and the Rule of Three (Threefold Law of Return) are neither laws or commandments. They are often misconstrued as such by non-pagans and Eclectic pagans influenced by Wicca, the majority of whom are influenced by inferior publications, ill-informed assumptions, and misinformation repeated from one site and forum to the next. "Everyone sez so, so it must be true." No.

The Wiccan Rede is just that, a rede. I.e., advice, counsel. The Rule of Three is a maxim, an axiom. Traditionally in Wicca, living ethically is a personal responsibility, the onus is on the individual to be a beneficial force in the world. The two serve as a reminder to think before one acts and to assess his motivations since what a person does results in consequences, often times with those the person might not be able to foresee.

However, among Eclectics both are viewed on par with Christianity's Commandments and tend to be far more prominent among those practices. In part, because so many come from religions in which there are religious dictates and perceiving a need to justify their pagan beliefs per non-pagan terms (See, we're really just like you, we have commandments too). There is far less formality and nothing resembling this kind of emphasis in traditional Wicca.