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Why would somebody willingly become a Satanist?

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
Its always been obvious to me that Noah's flood is a fiction and much of the other inconsistent nonsense was invented by those favored within the story! But apart from common sense and critical analysis revealing multiple authors and conflicting accounts of then same stories, I cant prove it.

Jesus never acted anything like the OT God! Obviously those same deep state actors within profitable Temple Judaism didn't much like what Jesus had to say!

Also, we have NEVER seen anything like the OT behavior of God since those books were finalized! Like reality was a Ben Hur like environment up until the books were finalized! And the secular books mentioned within the OT scrolls conveniently vanished from history!

The UB revelation explains:
After the priests of the Babylonian exile had prepared their new record of God’s supposedly miraculous dealings with the Hebrews, the sacred history of Israel as portrayed in the Old Testament, they carefully and completely destroyed the existing records of Hebrew affairs — such books as “The Doings of the Kings of Israel” and “The Doings of the Kings of Judah,” together with several other more or less accurate records of Hebrew history.. 97:8.1....
Then why believe any of it at all if theres problems like that?
I cant prove it.
So, in other words, all you can do is apologize and make excuses for the atrocities that the OT records Jehovah as either directly committing or ordering anither to do it.

Subduction Zone

Veteran Member
There's probably more on ICP fans despite garbage like a pastor recently claiming autism is caused by demonic possession (the claim is old, but that anyone still believes it is remarkable) amd preachers who prey upon the vulnerable.
I can't believe that a pastor would ever do that:

Oops, but I could be wrong.


Wandering in Darkness / Priest of Setesh
Premium Member
Just a general recommend:

"In Pursuit of Satan, The Police and The Occult" by, I think, Hicks. Great book clearing up SRA nonsense from the panic.


Active Member
Adam and Eve got a crappy deal and where punished despite the fact they had no knowledge of good and eviland could not have known disobedience is bad until after they ate the fruit and gained that knowledge.
Why are you ignoring emotional response as a motivator?

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
Heck I will claim that you do not have a soul. But then, neither do I. What is hypocritical and scary is that they will claim others do not have a soul and that they do. That makes them dangerous to others.
Yeah. I don't believe in souls like a Christian, but it's known and understood what she meant and it was really hateful, mean and hurtful.
That good, 'ole fashioned Christian love straight from the so-called Heartland.

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber
It's pretty obvious that an infant is motivated by their emotions, right?
How, then, are the motivations of an infant any different to those of Adam and Eve in their child-like state?
Because there is no knowledge of good and bad. An infant is just learning familiar faces, what things like hunger and urges for waste removal feel like, and taking the world in around them. And when they start teething, if they grab your finger and chomp it hurts, we would normally say thats bad, but the baby has no knowledge of this, no knowlege of the pain inflicted upon another, it only knows that it helps to sooth teething pains. It's not good or bad from the baby's perspective, and it requires knowledge that a child that young can't quite grasp yet.