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Why should I be a Baptist?


One Accepts All Religious Texts
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can baptise you with fire of Christ? which is soon if all other prophecies are finished....any ritualistic behaviour, is concerned with the outside of the cup...so though we can wash the outside, it is the inside that needs washing...

so in true repentance then that is accepted, which just takes fully opening the doors of your heart to God.
Also learning to systematically clean your self internally, as any new sins and things arise, not needing to go speaking to others, yet speaking to God your self directly in your room....
Learning the connection to God makes it always there....
for me i find allot of baptism today a big show, not like John the Baptist did which was holy and mystical; yet now it is all routine and that is not part of God....where life can move up and down and so that line of connection to God, is when the holy spirit feels, when you do wrong and tells you where or what not to do....

Making a show on the outside, the inner feeling are less, like anything we can do if like playing the guitar with your eyes closed, you play better as you are using them senses more on the focusing of the music...
Same applies with God, make a big sight of it, and it means less.....yet in saying that, there is no harm in you going alone to a lake and baptising your self or even the sea...which to me is special because being called the Mar in Spanish and Mardre (mother)....so semi connecting to water that we all need and is part of us...makes that link to the divine more real.


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What you should worry about is becoming a Christian. After that the choice is yours. I myself attend a Baptist Church, and worship there is real and grand. Whatever denomiantion you choose, make sure that the truth is being taught, that they like to worship, and that it just fits you.


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Because the Baptist church is the most Biblical and is closest to the truth.
Holly, haven't you been LDS, Catholic and Baptist in the short time you've been a member of RF, or am I mixing you up with someone else?


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Umm, what Holly said. But there are many churches that teach the Bible as God's Word and Jesus as Saviour. Also what Jayhawes said. Trust alone in Christ alone to be saved. Be a Christian first, that is priority #1. Study the denominations (not the cults), and you will see they all agree on the essential doctrines. Most differences lie in non-essential doctrines and traditions or practices and cultural differences. If a church has loving, Spirit-filled believers,preaches the Word and Jesus and believes in the core doctrines, then you should be fine. As you study and mature in the faith you may refine your beliefs and feel a particular denomination is right or wrong for you. Jesus operates in the lives of believers despite denominations so each individual church will vary. Good luck in your search!


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Are non-baptists allowed to post here? I see some posts of non-baptists here, just wondering...


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You should read about many denominations to find the one that is good for you.

Although I am a Baptist, I took a quiz online that said I would fit in a Friend's (Quaker) Church and another that said I would make a good Pentecostal. ;)


Can anyone here tell me why I should became a Baptist?


HI there....


Well.... If I can convince you that the Bible is true, then I could should show you the plan of salvation and tell you that true believers should follow in believer's baptism and become a part of their local baptist church.

As they say, the benefits of being baptist are out of this world.



Baptists as a rule are very independent. Almost every Baptist church you go too will be recognizably different.

The first thing you need to worry about is accepting Jesus Christ as your lord and savior. The second is to watch out for people who are going to tell you that you can become a God or you have to do something sketchy if you love Jesus.

As for looking for the right church, look for fruits- outcomes of their belief. Is the church showing love? joy? peace? patience? goodness? morality? kindness? faithfulness? gentleness? Are they teaching self control? Baptists may be very different depending on where you go, but almost universally they give control to the individual person to find out if what they are saying is right. They refer you to the Bible and common sense/reason. There is some ritual but much less than many churches. They encourage you to question what you believe, put it to the test- at least in my experience.

I hope that helps.


Yeah being a Christian first is key, that's how I do it, I go to churches with my parents but one is Catholic and another Nondenominational and I don't feel as if I belong in either so I am constantly searching for a new church that fits me. Unfortunately, it's not the Baptists, I lean more towards Methodism but thats because of personal cultural prefrences...It's not really a big deal.

Oh and I've learned to not be afraid of asking questions and challenging things, some people really don't like it but its those you want to watch out for. The only way I've really grown in faith is by challenging the norm for the sake of my own understanding. Find a church that is willing to teach Jesus and accepting of people regardless of their previous beliefs, race, income etc. and see if your comfortable there.
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Depends Upon My Mood..
Jesus wasnt a "Baptist"..he got "babtised"...Not that there is anything worng with calling your self one..

In the grand scheme of things?..Figure out what you believe..walk your own walk..use Jesus as your guide..I have run as fast out of a Baptist church as I could..depends on the church..I ran out of Christ Disciples Church...I was raised Prebyterian...I've been to Methodist..and Christ Episcapalion..I have attended(as a guest) a Catholic church as well..(where I was told I offended my sisters in laws that I recieved communion..it was an offense that I did ..because I DID take the ritual of the body and the blood and I wasnt CATHOLIC)...

Just read the Bible..ask questions..follow your heart..be "wary" of people..Sorry if that sounds glum



I like being a Baptist because I can make up whatever I want and call myself a Baptist and all is well with the world.


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Can anyone here tell me why I should became a Baptist?

Yes you should follow God's directions and go to that denomination as soon as you have answers to your prayers, once you get there you must earnestly pray for God directions as to what is His plan for your life, you can have an abundant church life in that denomination, that is how you will know, they have good resources and do great works, God has a church for each one of us.
PS. I am not a Baptist.