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Why could not Jesus (a) be born at the end times?


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For Shia Muslims, it's simple. To be the star of the family of David (a) and to be of his true offspring you must chained to him through chosen ones.

Musa (a) Twelve Successors as I believe per my analysis of Quran and hadiths:

Haroun (a), Samuel (a) son of Haroun (a), Talut (a) son of Samuel (a), Dawood (a) son of Talut (a), Sulaiman (a) son of Dawood (a), Elyas (a) son of Solaiman (a), Alyasa (a) son of Elyas (a), Dul-Kifl (a) son of Alyasa (a), Imran (a) son of Alyasa (a), Zakariya (a) brother of Imran (a), Yahya (a) son of Zakariya (a), Isa (a) cousin of Yahya (a) and son of Mariam (a) daughter of Imran (a).

Note: Uzair (a) was a very pious scholar, but not a chosen leader from God.

The concept is that one chosen Ahlulbayt would replace another chosen Ahlulbayt.

In Quran I argue:

The family of Haroun (a) = The family of Musa (a) = The family of Dawood (a) = The family of Imran (a).

The family of Ibrahim (a) = the family of Yaqoub (a)

The reason why the promised king from David (a) has to be already born now, it's because from Shia point of view, to be truly a son of David (a), you have to be part of his Ahlulbayt.

Now I believe the Bible honored the family of Aaron (a) but also goes 180 against it. It has a covenant for them, but it has it broken. This was all to distort the concept of "Ahlulbayt" in the past to present.

Per Quran, the introduction of family of Ibrahim (a) should lead you to see family of Haroun (a) is similar, except that Lut (a) with Ibrahim (a) who was his equal, didn't have the chosen offspring, while with Musa (a) - his brother and successor Haroun (a) had the chosen offspring. This is God's wisdom.

Also, the reason Isa (a) didn't have a father if you analyze Quran is to prepare for the linking of chosen offspring of Fatima (a) to both her father Mohammad (a) and her husband Ali (a).

This is also to say the status of God's chosen woman are as high as God's chosen men. That is Mariam (a) is an equal of Elyas (a), Yahya (a), Isa (a), Musa (a), etc.

Sarah (a) an equal of Ibrahim (a).

Fatima (a) an equal of Mohammad (s) and Ali (a).

Fatima (a) position is also useful to annul the falsehood that Ismail (a) is not Sarah's (a) son which is useful to show the concept of slavery is made up and part of the distortion of holy books.

This is useful to safeguard the meaning of malakat aymanihim to be about marriage and muta, and in a lot of places with it mentioned with marriage, to be about muta primarily and to keep the interpretation intact. And that slavery was never allowed by God is an important teaching.