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Who was Aine?


Veteran Member
I've gotten a couple of conflicting ideas about her from wikipedia and other sources.

I've gotten that she is the goddess of the moon and that she is/was a fairy queen. Is there a definenet source on this or are we not sure?


Obstructor of justice
Problem is we don't have a lot of definitive information on the Celts, and Aine isn't even really a major player in Irish myth, so we have little to go on.
I've never seen her associated with the moon though, I think that may be a more modern interpretation. Best I can give you is that she started out as a goddess of love and fertility, and later on was thought to be the Queen of the fairies by the people of Limerick (yes, it's a real place :p). No real reason why she can't be both, though, love and fertility are often fairy traits.


Flaming Queer
all i can find on her is that she is Irish Goddess of love and fertility.

i got that from Silver Ravenwolf - her books are checked by Ron Hutton, quite a big name in the history of Paganism :)