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Who is your favorite god or goddess and why?


Tale Weaver
Staff member
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If I had a favorite, I think I'd be a henotheist (worshiping only one god while acknowledging others as a thing) instead of a polytheist. Instead, there are certain gods that I have a stronger relationship with than others and they sort of form my "pantheon" you could say. The icons in my signature are there to directly represent them.

:cloud: -•- :fire: -•- :gemstone: -•- :droplet: -> The Sacred Four. Depending on how you want to think about it, the Four are less gods than they are the fundamental principles upon which all depend and are built from. I could go on for pages about the significance of the Four alone since they are the foundation of my tradition. The short of it is they are honored and acknowledged in some way in just about everything I do. They serve as an incredibly useful mnemonic and way of mapping the territory of the world. Also, they're cool.

:earthamericas: :blacksunrays: :crescentmoon:-> Gaea, Lady Sol, and Lady Luna (among other names). If the Four are the foundation, Gaea is the center. How can one not be inspired by planet earth and the celestial powers that influence it? I'm utterly dependent on them to exist in here-and-now. Humbly acknowledging that and celebrating the awesome that is the world I'm privileged to live in is what my tradition is all about. The universe, especially Earth, is cool.

:zap::deciduous: -> Storm Spirit and Plant Spirit. These are just a couple other gods/spirits I find especially cool that are aspects of Gaea. I'm a botanist, so of course Plant Spirit. Plants are super cool, and often super under-appreciated by us two legs. And Storm? I've worshipped Storm since before I knew what Paganism was. I love her because she is a cure to human hubris. Storm routinely reminds arrogant humans who is really in charge of things.

:books::lightbulb: -> The Spirit of Learning and the Spirit of Creativity. From sciences to folklore, inspiring films to hobby crafts, the flow of Awen is the illumination that lets one revel in the splendor of the world (aka, the gods). These are the practices, the ways of life. The things that are done. Lots of learning, and lots of creativity.

The Sum of Awe

Brought to you by the moment that spacetime began.
Okay this got me thinking. What are some definite no-no's to summon. I was thinking like Apep from Egyptian mythology, the serpent demon of chaos.

"Apep, O Serpent of Chaos. What wisdom will you share with me?"
-poisons mind with visions of incomprehensible horror and chaos-
"Hummina Hummina Awooga!"



From surviving Anglo Saxon literature Еогþe was thought to be associated not only with agriculture and fertility but also with health and healing. I worship Eorðe because it makes me feel connected to the earth and my local environment.