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Who are your mother and father gods?


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There are many; Kemet has many Triads of Mother, Father and Child.

Famous mothers would be Nut, Hathor, Bast, Aset, Mut (her name literally means mother), Sekhmet (arguably) and possibly Neith.

Famous fathers would be Ra, Osir, Atum, Amun and Ptah (in a Triad with Sekhmet).

There are many Gods. Many sites say 2,000 but there are probably infinite as a God is very loosely defined at times.


The Mother and the Father. The Father is a planter and the Mother is a harvester. Both guide and foster the growth of a Child.

Corniger and Lucifer both have strong paternal/maternal characteristics as well. Technically, any of the pantheon can have these traits. But the Mother and Father work best at their roles.


Tale Weaver
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I don't usually think of things in this way. I think in terms of relations, without anthropomorphizing the way I characterize those relationships. That is, other persons are kinfolk without any specific implication of "child" or "parent" or "sibling," Many stories of our ancestors use such terms to describe the relationships of various peoples, though, to help the tales be easier to grasp for our human minds. I do enjoy such tales, even if my own brain doesn't think of things in those terms too often.

Where I do think in those terms, it's because I've developed a deeply personal relationship that warrants a bit more anthropomorphizing. My own parents, certainly, fall under that auspices and ancestor worship is part of my tradition. The other who might fall under such auspice is the keeper of the cauldron mysteries. It is one of those things that needs to be experienced to be known; one could speak the words, but unless one walks the path the words will be a bit hollow. I used to discount the value of mystery traditions before actually joining one, brushing it off as so much self-important posturing and gatekeeping. But just as there is a very distinct difference between being raised by a mother and being told about someone else's experience of being raised by a mother, well... you get the drift I think. Cerridwen is one to be experienced directly, if she'll have you.