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Who are they in Surah Quraysh?

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Link, Aug 31, 2022.

  1. Link

    Link Veteran Member
    Premium Member

    May 10, 2019
    Twelver seeker
    Who are they if you would see?
    Who else can they be?
    They who those squished together are bound towards to lean?
    Who else but the family of Taha and Yaseen?

    The beautiful names of God
    Together one course to God
    Together one name of God

    Let us worship the Lord of this exalted kin
    Who are of the houses God permitted to be risen
    And his name remembered therein
    Where the light of God is found in

    They are the rope
    To hold on to in hope
    God will be there through them
    And the journey is towards them and by them

    In all that God is the goal
    So let us walk this road
    In that journey we will never be bored

    For they will be there as weapons against the devils when in the darkness
    And beautiful treasures to look at once in the light no longer lost in the wilderness

    God bound them together out of wisdom
    In that binding lies the salvation of the wise
    Do not be caught for deceptions of freedom
    For in their service lies all we wish for which the sun is to rise
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