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Who acts and who doesn't.

The Crimson Universe

Active Member
I don't remember if I've asked this question before. So here it is.

Advaitins believe that Brahman and Maya are not two separate things but one and the same thing. Advaitins also believe that Maya moves and acts, while the background screen Brahman doesn't.

If they're one and the same thing, then how come one acts and the other doesn't.
Its either they both act, or they both doesn't. Can someone explain this to me.


अहं ब्रह्मास्मि
Staff member
Premium Member
Advaitins also believe that Maya moves and acts...

Not exactly. Maya manifests the appearance of moving and acting by way of time, space, and causation.

When you lie in bed dreaming, are you moving and acting, or is the dream creating the appearance of the dream characters moving and acting?