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Where can I find an English translation of the book Divya Prabandham?


Hindu Wannabe
Hi forum,

I know this is a typical Google Is Your Friend question but I'd like to know where I can find a translation of the Divya Prabandham in English (French would work, too ;)), online or as an actual book?

(BTW, it seems to me that not all currents of Hinduism have the same urge as ISKCON has, to flood the world with their books.)


Premium Member
I've never heard about this book, but I can ask on another forum for you. As for the second comment, it's an example of how effective advertising is, especially when you're the only advertiser. I wonder how well a car company would do id it was the only one allowed to advertise. I do find it somewhat worrying with regard to spreading Hinduism though, in that many newcomers only find one sect, and think that sect is Hinduism, when we're actually really vast and varied. The new BAPS temple in New Jersey is another example. Lots of press, lots of ballyhoo, lots of western visitors having their first encounter with Hinduism despite another 20 temples having existed in that state for 20 years plus.