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When spell casters advise against spells


Well-Known Member
Had an interesting experience on a Wicca site, earlier tonight. I recently joined a site to merely learn more about Wicca. I find it very enriching, and really mysterious. Different than I had imagined. I love the positivity of it all and the spells or rituals are very intriguing. I asked a question and it was suggested for me to perhaps ''not use a spell,'' but to find a secular way to handle my dilemma. It has to do with my work situation, and while the spell worked that I performed two weeks ago (I think), it worked mainly because my intention was positive. But, last week, my boss started being rude to one of my coworkers, and was also semi-rude to me, today. So, the advice was to make my work place more positive...but, the thing is, I've done this. All of my coworkers have done this, I feel like I have nothing left to give, and honestly, I'm tired of giving so much energy to compensate for his negative energy. :(

I just thought it was odd to have a site devote to spells/magick, suggest a practical approach.

I prayed tonight, and did an incantation, for protection and to bring about positivity. I was told also that a spell might not work if it is against the person's will. If my boss was capable of change, he'd change by now, so I thought that was also confusing. Why would I turn to a spell or ritual if my boss would realize on his own to change his ways?

Not sure of my question here lol but, just wondering if anyone here has had this happened?


Hellenismos, BTW
asked a question and it was suggested for me to perhaps ''not use a spell,'' but to find a secular way to handle my dilemma

Likely, the person meant that magic is not a cure-all and it's not a replacement for practical, real world action. All too often, people try to use spells as a quick fix and a way to hopefully not have to deal face-to-face with awkward situations. Doing so just reinforces bad habits like avoidance, denial, and so on.

Magic is not a replacement for action but it can be effective in supporting practical, rational real world actions. e.g., A healing spell in addition to seeking medical advice, adhering to treatments etc., not a replacement to medical care or ignoring medical advice. A justice spell in addition to filing a police report, getting a restraining order, serving as witness, etc.

Trying to use magic instead of facing real world problems with real direct actions is cowardly and immature (not saying you are, I'm speaking generally).