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What's up with Thailand and Hitler?

von bek

Well-Known Member
Really. You should actually read about some history. Vlad the "Impaler" was considered a hero by many for conducting a successful military and diplomatic campaign against the Ottoman Turks who quite frankly carried out the same abuses that Vlad carried out. I really cannot trust the opinions of people who look at history through rose colored glasses. Never mind that the Turks carried out a destructive campaign for the sole purpose of expanding their empire and that Vlad Dracul was the leader of the territory next in line of conquest and did everything he could to uphold his own culture against an infringing religious culture. You seriously believe the Turks were any more "kind" in their conquest of Anatolia and destruction of the Byzantines?

Spare me. I think the Bulgarians of today and Romanians as well are right in honoring the efforts of an individual, failed in his own rights, for attempting to conduct a campaign that would be held by liberal ethnologists as nothing more than an attempt to thwart the military campaigns of the Ottoman Turks to overrun others with disastrous results to their standing culture.

What say you?

Wish to adhere to fanciful stories by some English author or willing to look at actual history. I don't see the claims against Vlad being labelled against those Balkan patriots who set off the first World War.

For you see that the passage of time has painted this individual based upon a painting and a fanciful piece of fiction as being so much worse than his contemporaries when in truth his contemporaries were nothing more than him. The conquests of the Ottomans in the Balkans and elsewhere posed a serious cultural threat to many and the peoples of those nations rightfully see this man as someone who fought back with the same viciousness that can be seen world wide through many cultures.

Vlad the impaler? Never mind that numerous lives lost as Osman conducted his campaigns or the many numerous lives lost under the Hapsburgs, the Hannoverians, the rise of Prussia, the formation of France...........

Yes, Hitler will always be seen as a genocidal killer. But what about Stalin? What about Mao? But to bring up the Dracul dynasty in a historical sense.........forget it. Stop watching Hollywood and look at some actual history.

Thank you for making my point. A hundred years from now someone will probably be making a post talking about the aggression that Hitler stood up to and about how the Allies firebombed Germany, as if that negates his cruelty.


Well-Known Member
Thank you for making my point. A hundred years from now someone will probably be making a post talking about the aggression that Hitler stood up to and about how the Allies firebombed Germany, as if that negates his cruelty.

I'll wait until you actually study some history before responding with what I would like to respond.


Well-Known Member
I kind of admire Hitler's speech styles. Also iam big fan of Nazi military clothes and Nazi sense of unity and bravery.
The Nazi Empire would succeed if they didnt attack Russia.

But i dont support the killings of Jews and other civilians by the Germans.

Really????????? Ever hear of the atom bomb?


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Staff member
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It seems like they're more ridiculing and mocking Hitler, not glorifying him or advocating his policies. They may not know much about Hitler as a historical figure, but they've likely seen movies with Hitler portrayed more as a caricature. He's seen more as a bumbling comic book villain, and that's likely the historical image that will endure.
Evil is fascinating when its effect is far removed & isn't personal.
I have a mechanical alarm clock with a red cheeked Chinese gal waving Mao's Little Red Book.
I also have a pre-1900 advertising poster for Rumsey fire fighthing equipment.
It displays a hotel fire with caricatures of black folk misbehaving, eg, stealing pigs.
There's humor in things so outrageous.
But opinions will vary.
You have some interesting collectibles I see.