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What's deep about God?


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What can you share about God that is deep?

Good is Unknowable, beyond our capacity of knowledge and awareness.

Thus all I we can share about God, is what God has revealed to humanity.

If we choose to share anything else other than that, well its just a pure fabrication from a limited mind.

Regards Tony


Veteran Member: I Share (not Debate) my POV
What can you share about God that is deep?

All people have their own belief in God
So, to generalize about God is incorrect

Yet that is what the opening post invited.
Is it, really?
Seems to me that the OP asks "what can you share about God that is deep". That means your personal view or experiences about God (the OP is not inviting us to talk about what others (might) believe or think etc.)

You talk about other believers, and in a way that you have figured things out for (about) them. That's not what the OP is about imo, and, unless you are omniscient or clairvoyant you are bount to be wrong in your interpretation about how others believe and think

Hence my above (quoted) reply.
And whatever you said about "other believers and/or God and or belief" did not apply to me, hence my reply "flawed".

Better it is that you do not try to claim you know what others (incl. stvdv) think, believe etc, unless you are omniscient


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What can you share about God that is deep?
I can share with you the words found at 1 Corinthians 2:10 that God reveals the ' deep ' things of God.
- spiritual things 1 Corinthians 2:13.
As Romans 11:33 answers what is 'deep' about God is His wisdom and His knowledge and how unsearchable His judgements are, and beyond tracing out His past findings.
God chooses who will be at Jesus' right and at his left hand in the 1,000 year kingdom reign - Matthew 20:20-23
What is ' deep ' God gave to Jesus, and Jesus teaches us about his God, and Jesus never went beyond what his God expected of him - John 12:49


Christian Evolutionist
Everything until we understand a thing, but then understanding things initiates curiosity, which in turn leads us to become students of the deep. It's all God anyway -

Eric Hyom

You will never look into the eyes of anyone who does not matter to God.

If God cares for each and everyone of us, we should do the same; and care for each other; despite our differences.