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What's deep about God?


Not As Much Fun As I Look
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Varuna, deva of the ocean


The devas and asuras churning the ocean of milk

rational experiences

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God is a man whose mind a theist is lagging genetically behind everyone else.

As intelligent present humans thinking naturally know God was earths given human legal entity position to argue human law against Satanists...scientist destroyers of earths mass.

Confessed it already in thesis to remove ground mass beneath our feet pretending water oxygenated heavens owns a rock radiating background.

Theme is direct under our Feet only.

As he lied. Beginning in human science is ground conversion exact.

In the deep a huge amount of space causes God to be present the planet mass. Earth. Central to spaces womb he said.


Be your own guru
I would say it is the poop.
That is culture, history. We need not be that explicit.
We are all God, or perhaps call us cells of God but don't experience it.
Understanding comes when we abandon prejudices and contemplate deeply. Don't start with assumptions.
Which means God knows when a child would be born with a fatal genetic flaw, but allowed it anyway. So does this suggest God is good? I wouldn't do that to a child.
For the Hindu theists, 'karma'! Friend, 'Karma'! The child's karma, his parents 'karma' and those of others too. When 'karmas' fructify, there is no succor. A religious song on the subject:

"Koi Lakh kare chaturai karm ka lekh mite na re bhai
Karm ka lekh mite na re bhai

kagad ho to sab koi banche karam na bancha jai
Ek din Isi kismat ke karan banko gaye the raghu rai re
karam ka lekh mite na re bhai

Kahe manva dhiraj khota kahe tu nahak roye
apna sooch kabhi nahi hota bhagya kare to hoi
chahe ho raja chahe bhikhari thokar sabhi ne yaha khai re
karam ka lekh mite na re bhai"

One may try to be very smart, but cannot change the results of one's action

Anyone can read whatever is written on a paper, but karmas can never be read
Because of this one day even Lord Rama had to go in exile to the forests
but cannot change the results of one's action ..

O heart, why are you loosing patience, why do you weep unnecessarily
What you think may not ever happen, what happens is decided by fate
Whether it is a king or a beggar, every one has stumbled
but cannot change the results of one's action ..

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Guitar's Cry

Disciple of Pan
God can be a mirror, reflecting how we perceive the Universe. Some people see a loving, forgiving God. Others see a vengeful God. Some see a nature God. Some see a God that is a part of everything.

I also understand God as a symbol of our relationship to the Universe. Because we are intrinsically a part of everything, we are conscious aspects of a dynamic system, and can say that this system is "God," the Creator and Great Mystery that we all come from and return to (though we never really leave).


Turned to Stone. Now I stretch daily.
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What can you share about God that is deep?
For one perspective: All things exist in God: good and bad, fun and not fun. I cannot define what God is for everyone else. If I say "God is love" what I am doing is making an extreme commitment to be loving. I am joining that reality in which God is love. Where I fail in this commitment my words are worthless, so can I tell other people what they should think God is? I can only show a path, and if I fail in this my words mean nothing.

Another thought: What if God isn't the same to each person? What if God doesn't present the same way or treat us all the same way? What if there is such a thing as good luck and bad luck?


Veteran Member: I Share (not Debate) my POV
That's what I was telling theists about their beliefs.

Of course you offered no rebuttal to what I said, so you must realize I'm correct.
You did not define God
All people have their own belief in God
So, to generalize about God is incorrect