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What was the tree that Judas hung himself on?

Discussion in 'Theological Concepts' started by SaintMalachi, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. SaintMalachi

    SaintMalachi DEATH

    I'm curious what kind of tree was it that Judas hung himself on?
  2. Super Universe

    Super Universe Defender of God

    When Judas attempted to hang himself with his cloak wrapped around a small tree hanging over a precipice the knot that Judas had tied with his nervous hands gave way and Judas fell to his death upon the rocks below.
  3. Shermana

    Shermana Heretic

    According to the Bishop Papias (who was quite a well read writer on the subject of early 2nd century Christian beliefs) , Judas was cursed with becoming so swollen that he couldn't pass through a Chariot road, and was crushed to death by one.

    Apparently the story of Judas hanging himself was not in circulation during the early 2nd century, or it was not widely known enough that this prominent Bishop would have heard of it. But it is at least consistent with the idea that his bowels gushed out.
  4. gnomon

    gnomon Well-Known Member

    Why is the tree a theological concept?
  5. Babs

    Babs New Member

    Not to rock the boat or go off-topic or anything, but....is it certain that Judas killed himself? I mean, is there no doubt that it wasn't just a case of someone not liking what he did to Jesus and killing him and then others not liking what he did to Jesus and then looking the other way by writing it off as suicide?
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