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What is the most ANNOYING thing you LOVE?


Disco music!!!!:disco: :ymca: Gotta have it!

Also, the movie Airplane. "Surely, you've got to be kidding. No, I'm serious and stop calling me Shirley."


High Priestess
My boyfriend (in the fuzzy hat) . . . actually, my ex (the one laying down)is more annoying, but I don't love him so much.



Working-Class W*nch.
Buttercup said:
I don't find this annoying but my entire family does......I still REALLY like 80's dance music. :eek:

Maybe it's my dancing they find annoying. I hadn't thought of that.

lol I like 80's dance music...heck, I just love music. That includes 80's, disco, 'Ice, Ice, Baby,' MC Hammer, etc.