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What do you think this is??


Treasure Hunter
Every once in a while I have a sharp pain in my ribs, on the left side, just under my boob. (if that's not too bold to say...) And it hardly ever happens, but it's happened in the past. I think it used to happen to my sister when she was little. She went to the hospital to see if they could figure out what was wrong, and they never did. She described it as a feeling that her ribs were like hooking together, which doesn't really make sense, but I don't know how to describe it either...

Anyway, have any of you ever heard of that?? It's just a really sharp pain, and if I move or lift my arm, it hurts a lot more. But it doesn't last long, and then it's gone for a long time. Then one day for 15 minutes or so, it will be back...

Does anyone know what I'm talking about?? Has anyone had a similar thing happen to them??


Active Member
hannah! it's a religious forum. how could you say the b-word *gasp*

yeah you might wanna dish out the $ for a doc to get an x-ray done.


Treasure Hunter
hannah! it's a religious forum. how could you say the b-word *gasp*

yeah you might wanna dish out the $ for a doc to get an x-ray done.

I already said that my sister went to the doctor for it and it was a waste of time, so I'm not doing that... I don't like the hospital, and I don't have health insurance anymore.

boob boob boob boob boob.


Active Member
your ribs can puncture your organs and that's not a normal feeleing.

some people go 9 months pregnant and don't know that they're pregnant...doesn't mean that the other one's shouldn't go to the doctor.

sex sex sex. prescriptions.


Can't brain. Has dumb.
I used to get that. I don't anymore though. I'd get it randomly when I'm breathing in and it'd hurt for a second and then go away.


New Member
It may occur to some girls, when they nearing their periods time. After that time there wont be any pain. It may occur in somemonths and not in some other months. So, please check the pain with your cycle. If it is at the start of the cycle time, then nothing to worry.


Let's go racing boys !
Hannah it could possibly be the result of a sore muscle. Perhaps it is a muscle that you don't frequently use like with heavy lifting or some type of exercise that you don't normally use it for and when you do finally use it it becomes inflammed and causes you pain. Later on it gets better and stops bothering you until you do something to aggravate the problem again. Also trapped gas can cause pain under the rib cage and in the back, try to notice what foods you may have eaten just before you experience this type of pain. Try a dose of antacid with anti-gas ingredients and see if this gives you relief.
If it continues after trying some of these methods then I would definitely see another doctor. They will always let you pay $5 or so a month if necessary, and it isn't good to neglect your body, some things can be corrected if you find them early.


Returning Noob
I have had the same kind of pain and I don't exercise (maybe thats my problem. lol) Anyways I have never had it checked out because it goes away and I forget about it until the next time it happens. I never remember that I had the pain when I am at the doctors office.

I agree that if it gets worse or is continuous, you should go to the doctor.


Sweet n Spicy
Hannah, that exact same thing used to happen to me, but it was in my early teens. I used to get a sharp pain under my left breast. Hey, I said breast! Breast! LOL. :D One day my friend told me that she was getting the same pain and it was in the same place. She was also in her early teens at the time. It's been years now since I've had the pain. I still don't know what caused it...but it stopped. If your pain worries and you want to get a medical opinion but don't want to see a doctor, then you can get advice from a local Pharmacist. The Pharmacist might have an idea and then can advise you on whether or not you should see a doctor.
I had very similar experiences. I would get a sharp pain, under my left ribs, maybe it would last 15 minutes, maybe it would last an hour or two. Then it would go away and I would forget about it until the next time it happened. I went to a doctor a couple of times and they could never figure out what was wrong.

A few times it was so bad that the pain was excruciating, I was doubled over and it hurt to breathe in deeply, or laugh. At its worst, I actually felt a bubbling sensation under my left ribs for a few moments. There seemed to be just a bit of swelling below my left ribs, and it was warm to the touch. I was also doing a lot of curl-ups at the time, and I am a bleeder. All of this suggests to me that it was probably sore muscles.

It hasn't happened to me in a very long time....and I also haven't done curl-ups on a regular basis in a long time....so maybe that was it.


Deviled Hen
That's where your pancreas is. I've gotten some sharp pains there if I overindulge in carbs. So has the daughter. We're both hypoglycemic, but at some points in the monthly cycle things hit the blood sugar worse than others.

You could try taking some alpha lipoic acid and see if that helps any. You can get it at health food stores. I would start at 1 before each meal.

If it's more on the side that's your spleen. If that's what's hurting, I'd look more to your immune system.

It's important to rule out it not being a muscle though. If it is a muscle, massage and some linament like Tiger Balm will improve the pain. If not, then it ain't the muscle.

Also, I'm assuming you haven't had bronchitic and had serious coughing spells lately? I once broke a rib that way, and it took me 3 months to finally find a competent doctor to give me a proper diagnosis. The ones I'd seen before just pushed antibiotics at me without really looking carefully.

Good luck.