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What do you think is the greatest man made invention?

painted wolf

Grey Muzzle
Godzilla (toho)... :D

while not an invention per say... Fire.
without learning to make our own fire we would never have advanced out of the tropics.
of cource we learned it from our H.erectus ancestors but hey. :cool:



Flaming Queer
im deeply saddend by the fact that you have all neglected THE singel greatest invention of all time

the first cave men used them, the modern population still uses them, and all the other people in-between used variations of them, everyone loves THE HAMMER :bonk:

but on a seriosu note, if you don't believe it was the hammer, then it has to be the drawing board, because only after the drawing board could we go back for further designes :biglaugh:


The cake is a lie
Penicillin can cause some nasty allergic reactions... and if used to often and in inappropriate quantaties can breed resistant strands of bacteria. :( It is a good thing when used properly, though.

I think the greatest invention was the book/scroll/record. :D