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What do u think of Facebook?


Veteran Member
I have no form of social contact that uses the internet outside GMail, Skype and RF. No facebook, twitter, not even text messaging on my non-iphone.

I had texting on a cell phone I had for about 2 years, but have since switched phones. Aside for the numbness in all my extremities, the constant drooling and facial twitches, I don't see to be suffering from any ill effects of non-internet facilitated human contact.


Never had an FB account, never will have. By the way, i wonder what worth FB stock has today. FB has no other income than advertisment and maybe secret services who use it to spy the followers. :)


My wife occasionally leaves her account open (not so much anymore) at which point I usually jump on and, in the guise of her, admit to some weird and shocking things, like how she loves puppies, but only breaded and deep fried.


Still learning to be wise
Staff member
Premium Member
My wife occasionally leaves her account open (not so much anymore) at which point I usually jump on and, in the guise of her, admit to some weird and shocking things, like how she loves puppies, but only breaded and deep fried.

Naww that's adorable. Last time I accidentally left my account open, I came back to people asking me about my really depraved sexual antics. Oh and I think my friend must have messed with my account somehow too. ;)


Premium Member
I use Facebook, like, daily.

I think it is a good way to have friends from different sources. On my FB, I have friends from more than one internet place, including RF. I think most of my friends there are from here actually :)

I think is it also a good way to find old friends. Searching with their schools and hometowns helps.

I don't have en evaluation for it so far, and I'm impartial about it, as a social medium.
I find it useful for keeping in touch with people.
I also enjoy a some of the games therein (such as Bejeweled Blitz)! :)



Facebook is crack for people who are too spineless to allow drugs to destroy their souls. You know what every Facebook status should read? "Better off dead"! They all sicken me! I spit on their freshly dug graves HWACK-PTOO!

I mean, I have no opinion.


A little to the left and slightly out of focus.
Premium Member
If it were not for family and a few distant friends, I would not have it at all.


Big Queer Chesticles!
I have been on facebook daily since 2007. I keep in contact with a lot of people and have made contact with like minded people from around the world which has been awesome.

Like all social media, it can be a breeding ground for drama so I tend to just ignore the BS.

Shadow Wolf

Certified People sTabber & Business Owner
I'm hating Facebook even more. One of my teachers moved back to Maine, and she shared some pictures of the gorgeous river view that is her home, and now I'm really jealous because there is nothing here that can compare. And my English teacher (I somehow ended up only having one where I got my bachelors) have been swapping book recommendations over Facebook. Hopefully he'll start reading Chuck Palahniuk, because I know he'll love those books and start teaching them in his classes because he already teaches the philosophers that Palahniuk builds his stories off of.


Well-Known Member
I've been on and off of it over the years...mainly off. I was wondering what you think of it, what has been your experiences? Just curious. :)
Use it to keep in touch with a few friends, otherwise I don't care much for it. Don't like a lot of things they are doing, too much tracking for my taste.


Veteran Member
I've never had an account but my other half has one. I like reading God's posts. Or is that Twitter?


Big Queer Chesticles!
I have kind of weened myself off facebook. I go on once a day or once every few days just for a couple of minutes to check my notifications. My head is clearer for doing so. So much toxicity on facebook. I just have the messenger installed on my phone now, I removed the actual facebook app.