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We Are Donating $1 For Every Member That Logs In Today

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Brent W

Resident Tech Guy
Hi everyone,

We are going to see how much money we can raise for Alaqua Animal Refuge.

A little bit about them:

An independent, nonprofit organization located on Florida’s Emerald Coast – advocates the general welfare and humane treatment of animals by providing shelter, prevention of pet overpopulation and adoption services. Located on 10 acres in Freeport, the refuge was formed by Walton County, Fla.-resident Laurie Hood in 2007 when she discovered that countless animals were being euthanized due to the lack of a no-kill shelter/adoption organization in the area. Since that time, Alaqua Animal Refuge has helped find homes for more than 11,000 animals. Currently, up to 100 animals are adopted per month from this unique rescue facility, which serves as a true refuge for more than 250 animals at any given time.

It is simple. For every unique member that logs in today, we will donate $1 to Alaqua Animal Refuge.

Some of you have already contributed your $1 already!

This counts for new members as well. If a member registers today and logs in, that will count towards the total.

Feel free to share the word with others and see how much money we can generate for this meaningful charity!

We are going to cap this at a $1,000 dollar limit. So lets see if we can get 1,000 people to log into ReligiousForums today!


Veteran Member
Sounds like an amazing organization to donate money to. The fact that they adopt out up to 100 animals a month? Wow, that's really something. Thank you for your kind heart!

As promised earlier, I'm willing to donate $25 to help out as well.

PS....the emails work. Got me here! ;)

Brent W

Resident Tech Guy
If you do donate on your own, would be very appreciative if you could let them know you heard about them via our community :)


Premium Member
Way cool, as soon as I saw this advertizement in the email, I rushed here!

Go go humanity, as much as you suck with your different kinds of discrimination, you still rock with such kindness. There is still hope in this world.

Does this shelter castrate and execute pits like some people do? (Please say they don't). When I heard some people in Denmark do it, I got really worried and anxious :(
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