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Was the apostle Paul sexist?


Veteran Member
gnostic said:
Now, that the silliest thing I have ever heard.

Tell me, Jerrell. Did Jesus ever said that women can't preach on his behalf? No. Did Jesus place any such restriction upon women? No.

I am afraid, Paul is not the best authority to teach the gospels, despite have converted under extraordinary circumstance. He was largely responsible for persecuting Christians before his conversion, and he still had a largely patriarchic mentality (despite his sympathy to the Gentiles), which was probably why many Christian women turn away from his orthodoxy, and flocked to Gnosticism in the following century. He was the first who had started this Original Sin model, and women, like Eve, was cause of all mankind's problem.

Did Jesus blamed the Original Sin on Eve and women in general? No, that was Paul's doing (and that of his followers).

Actually you are a bit wrong. Paul did not originate original sin, I can't remember at the moment (2 AM) but I'll find out.


The Lost One
But he was the one who started all this nonsense teaching about the Original Sin. Other Church Fathers had also taken up this challenge too, particularly when they had a rival from Gnosticism. The Church Fathers had based a lot of teaching on Paul, and since Gnostic accepted women in teaching, the Church Father used Paul's teaching to put women down.