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Was Jesus Crucified?


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For the sake of this debate lets say he did. Personally i dont know your religion or if u even are religion so if you reply let me know. So you claim Jesus died of Old age ? we have a few sources that would claim otherwise. Before we get into it lets talk about his death you provlaim he got old when we already know he died at 33 as wee see from muktiple accounts and the letters from paul/peter which all date after 33 ad and claim his death. 33 is not old or ripe then your claim of it happening in his sleep is also easily refuted with the alexamenos graffiti which was found depicting jesus as a donkey on the cross. now i would enjoy seeing your response.

Greetings Simeon
Just putting it out there that life expectancy in the first century AD was 35, so 33 was probably considered to be a ripe old age at the time.


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According to chapter 4 of the Qur'an Jesus was not killed or crucified as follows:
Qur'an 4:157 And for their saying, "Indeed, we killed the Messiah, Isa, son (of) Maryam, (the) Messenger (of) Allah." And not they killed him and not they crucified him but it was made to appear (so) to them. And indeed, those who differ in it (are) surely in doubt about it. Not for them about it [of] (any) knowledge except (the) following (of) assumption. And not they killed him, certainly.
(Translation - Word for Word: Dr. Shehnaz Shaikh, Ms. Kauser Katri, and more)
Firstly according to verse 157 the Jews were boosting about killing Jesus by crucifixion, then Allah claims they did not kill him or crucify Jesus.
Secondly it was made to appear to the Jews that Jesus was killed and crucified.
Thirdly the Qur'an claims those differing over the death and crucifixion of Jesus are in doubt, have no knowledge of the event, and are following assumptions.
Fifthly the Qur'an clarifies the Jews did not kill Jesus.
Who is differing over the death and crucifixion of Jesus, who is in doubt, and who is making assumptions over the event?
Some interpret the Quran Jesus may have 'appeared to have been crucified,' but did not die on the cross.