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Wagner chief Prigozhin killed in Plane Crash


Bodhisattva in Recovery
I wonder whether this could cause retaliation against Russia from the Wagner Group, assuming Russia is responsible for his death.
Imho, that would be exceptionally foolhardy, but who knows nowadays. You know, it could also be mechanical failure. That part of the world is not known for its quality products (in general).


Bodhisattva in Recovery
It is surprising that this happened to Prigozhin after working with a trustworthy gentleman like Putin. The HR department of Putin's regime must be investigated immediately for tarnishing Putin's image and not respecting his employees.
I know, right? Such fun-loving folks. Putin is prolly torked because now he can't have his own version of Jan 6th hearings on what went down.

Debater Slayer

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It's not confirmed yet whether he has died. From the article in the OP:

Data shows second plane flew towards Moscow

Some Russian Telegram channels have speculated that Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin might have been on a different plane to the one that crashed today.

The other jet, another Embraer 600, has a registration number RA-02748.

The plane's flight records are partially inaccessible through FlightRadar24, a popular aircraft tracking website.

But data shows it departed from St Petersburg earlier today and flew towards Moscow. The trail disappears near Ostafyevo airport in the Russian capital.

The BBC has been unable to confirm if he was on board.


Well-Known Member
Air defence really can only shoot down civilian planes.
Utkin also seems to be dead.
Which means Muscovy has finally managed to kill a Nazi.