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Voter Fraud.... NEVER!

Discussion in 'Elections' started by KenS, May 21, 2020.

  1. Thief

    Thief Rogue Theologian

    Apr 12, 2009
    I say.....since ID is an ongoing and difficult problem
    every opportunity to ID should be used

    get a driver's license …..get photoed
    apply for aid.....get photoed
    apply for loss of work assistance......get photoed

    if the cyber crooks had to show their faces
    they probably would not show
  2. wellwisher

    wellwisher Active Member

    Sep 1, 2018
    I agree that there are many honest people. However, states like Pennsylvania have hundred of thousands of voters on their voter rolls who are deceased or have moved. The Democrats powers to be refuse to purge these files. They also want to directly send absentee ballots to all registered voters. Dead people will also get absentee ballots this way.

    This is an easy cheat. If the auditors, who pointed out the dead and moved voters, could find these voters, so can the scammers. They can intercept or even divert these dead voters ballots, and vote for them. There is nobody they can contact, who will say their vote was changed. An honest system would remove these.

    California uses a different cheating procedure. In 2016, with Trump already predicted to win, California turnout for voting reached over 70%. This was unusually high and looked suspicious, since Hillary was not that beloved, and she was already a lost cause.

    The way this cheating works is say the average voter turnout is predicted to be 60%. That means that 40% of eligible voters will not vote. In the age of computers, you can generate a list of all registered voters. Then you decrease this list as votes are counted. Then, late in the game, you vote for those who remain on the list, who you will feel will not vote. California would not allow itself to be audited, since this cheating would be found. It it not matter in the end, so this was not pursued further. However, it did give Hillary the popular vote argument legal scams.

    Ballet harvesting is also another way to cheat. You go to the elderly and others, who do not wish to leave their house. The corona virus will make this easier. You tell them you will bring their ballots to the polling places. One can cheat by throwing away votes that you do not like. A few friendly questions can fool an elderly victim into telling you how they will vote. One can say Trump is evil, and if they agree or get defensive you know their vote.

    You need a way deal with this up front, since Democrats have demonstrated their skills at lying. Does anyone remember the collusion delusion? The Democrats were so effective at lying, that two years went by before the majority knew the truth. If things had been slightly different, the crooks could have ruined innocent people's lives more then they did. This is also true in elections.

    A Litmus Test may be to ask Rep. Schiff about voter fraud. The Democrats have placed their best liar in a top level position connected to fact gathering. He is an habitual liar, so anything that comes out of his mouth will be false, by default. We can then ask him about voter fraud and do the opposite.
    #22 wellwisher, May 24, 2020
    Last edited: May 24, 2020
  3. metis

    metis aged ecumenical anthropologist

    Aug 27, 2013
    ecumenical & naturalistic Catholic
    Can you provide your source for this, especially since it defies even many researchers who have investigated such accusations of mail voter fraud by and basically found nothing substantial. Utah, for example, votes almost exclusively by mail, and in Texas and Arizona the majority vote by mail, and these are largely "red states".

    Also, this is a Constitutional issue as voting procedures are determined by the states, not the Fed.