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Uganda Bishop Lira Lira New House - Swimming pool and Sauna inc


Active Member
Pope Francis is much loved.He speaks plainly.He speaks common sense.He is the Pope and according to doctrine what he says goes.He is about to visit Uganda.He is about to fly into a partial storm.Uganda and the region associate gay with being criminal.

I have no doubt that the Bishop of Uganda is a good and holy man.However he should pick up a science book.5-10% of the world population is gay.I am straight but would not question other peoples preferences.Mr Putin is no longer married .Mr Modi is no longer married.Lots of prominent Republican and Democrats are divorced.Its non of my business or anyone else but theirs. Presumably the Bishop of Uganda will preach the latter are in peril of their souls and pose a corrupting influence to us all.

He should relax.Pope Francis has vacated his palace and lives humbly and simply.The big car has been sent to the scrapyard.Pope Francis is a liberal.He has also unlike his non liberal peers avoids judgement.
He acts where necessary.He cracks down on child molesters and throws them out of the church.More authoritarian peers are rigid on doctrine.They fail the practical and shuffle culprits to other parishes.Good thing they are not in charge of the book keeping.

The Bishop of Uganda will face problems in his ranks.Some will be gay.To blend in they will shout from the roof tops anti-gay sentiments.Africa has more serious problems poverty.I think the Good Lord would want that problem fast tracked.
Do forum viewers agree for some things.Do not ask.Religion and peoples personal lives are separate.
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