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Truth: either God exists or He don't.


Consults with Trees
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Something "existing" is simply a given if we're even talking about it (your ontological mileage may vary). It doesn't mean much of anything without getting into the manner through which humans experience something's existence. And in my case, I don't really experience that god beyond others talking about them. :shrug:

Pete in Panama

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If we're just trying to prove who's better than whom then I'll have to pass. OTOH if we're seriously interested what we really need to know is what kind of God we're talking about --which quickly should go past rejecting unbelieveable gods to simply accepting one that's believable, and that takes us to what we want to do about it all.


"Be strong", I whispered to my coffee.
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But! What if He does?

Personally i think he/she/it would have some very searching questions to answer, not least of which woukd be, "where have you been while the world is going to hell in a hand basket? Is it that you couldn't care in the slightest for your "claimed" greatest creation? And whats the gig with childhood leukaemia?


We are all the leaves of one tree
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But! What if He does?

Of course God exists it is my belief, but we must respect the views of those who disagree.

I believe, If you left all the materials for the construction of a house such as stone, wood, iron etc and left it for a thousand years it would decay. Although all the resources required for a house be present, without a builder would it self construct? Some maintain that randomly, without any intelligence required whatsoever, the house would build itself and that even the human body constructed its own design and functioning.

I believe that Nature itself is proof that it didn’t just miraculously happen but was developed by a Supreme Intelligence. Every item you have in your house was made by someone. If I told you your television was as a result of evolution of the components, that they combined themselves and became a tv, would you believe me?

It is my firm belief that everything has a maker including the universe. It didn’t just create itself. Every atom in existence is proof of God, I believe. Did the sun just decide it would be 96 million miles from earth so this planet could sustain life? What about gravity so we can walk on the earth? So many things just have to be in place, scientific laws - for us to exist. Just my personal belief.