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True Eid: Thanks for Benefits of Beauty & Benevolence of Allah-Treat Creature with Same


Peace be upon you.
True Eid: Thankfulness for Benefits of Beauty & Benevolence of Allah the Exalted -Treat Creature with Beautiful Behaviour and Benevolence - Eid Mubarak

Peace and mercy of Allah be on you….The day of Eid is the day of happiness. We celebrate Eid by the commandment of Allah the Exalted. He has appointed this day to rejoice by keeping human nature in view. Human nature wants that human should celebrate with his dears and friends, and create such environment to rejoice.

We see in world other people and religions have appointed days to celebrate according to this human nature but in their gathering, such colour is not present which Islam has brought. The addition of Eid sermon and Eid Salaat is the difference too.

Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) taught us by reciting Eid sermon that as people celebrate, they should gather to hear talks about God and worship Him, and expression of two God-given responsibilities to human should be done.

What are these two responsibilities? – To pay rights of Allah the Exalted and to pay rights of His servants (creatures). To pay rights of Allah the Exalted in common days in common days we pay attention to worships and offer five obligatory Salaat-s. On Eid day, with rejoicing, six Salaat-s become obligatory for us.

A worldly person will say, what kind of Eid is this, in which, instead happiness and fun and sports, again Salaat-s have to be offered, attention is drawn to worships. But a momin understands that real happiness is present in state when we worship Allah the Exalted and thank Him. He granted us this opportunity when we pay right of His worship and right of His creatures and celebrate our happiness with our friends.

On this day when six Salaat-s become obligatory for us, we know we recite Surah Al-Fatiha more with it. Surah Al-Fatiha is compulsory to be recited in each rakaat of each Salaat.

When we say “alhamdolillahe rabbilaalamin” (all praise belongs to Lord of all worlds) and offer thank of Allah the Exalted. It is hamd and tasbih and tahmid of Allah the Exalted…In normal days, in Faraez and in Sunnah Salaats, we recite Surah Al-Fatiha 32 times, we recite “alhamdolillahe rabbilaalamin” and thank Allah the Exalted. And on Eid day, we thank Him by reciting “alhamdolillahe rabbilaalamin” 34 times. Those who offer Nawafil, they recite more than it.

Hazrat Promised Messiah (on whom be peace) says: In the words of “alhamdolillah” this teaching is given to Muslims when they are asked the question and they are inquired who is their ma’bood (of whom worship is done)? Then it is necessary for each Muslim he should answer this, my ma’bood is He, for whom, there is all praise. And there is no perfection of any kind and power but which is proven for Him. [all kind of perfection and qudrat belongs to Him].

He (a.s.) said about Surah Al-Fatiha, explaining meaning of “alhamdolillah” (all praise belongs to Allah) :

“alhamdolillah”, which means, every hamd and ta’rif (praise) is kept for that Being whose name is Allah, and start is made with the sentence “alhamdolillah” because the real purpose is that worship of God the Exalted should be with excitement of soul and attraction of disposition. And such an attraction which should be full of ishq and mohabbat (love) can never be developed for anyone unless it is proven that, that person possesses such excellences, by observing which, heart begins to praise by self. [if human should ponder, it is the being of Allah the Exalted, for whom, true praise can be said. He keeps all excellences.] It is clear that perfect praise is for two types of excellences, one is perfection in beauty and other is perfection in benevolence. If both excellences are gathered in someone then the heart is devoted and deeply in love with him. And major purpose of Holy Quran is to manifest both excellences on seekers of truth so that people should be drawn to that un-resembled (with anyone) Being, and should do obedience with excitement and attraction of soul…….. Since Allah the Exalted keeps all properties, that is why all kind of excellence is present in Him. With it, His beauty is manifested. And as long as benevolence is concerned, the most of the benefit of the benevolence of Allah the Exalted reaches to human because human gets benefit from all creatures of God the Exalted.

So how much we should be thankful to Allah that by His attributes which are manifested by beauty, and by His benevolence too, which are manifested as benefit for everything of world, and most of all, for human.. Thus it is obligation for us that we should pay right of being His servant with heartfelt happiness. These matters demands too that we should become true worshiper of Him and follow His commandments. And as Muslim, to do a lot of hamd and ta’rif (praise) of Him is very much compulsory for us, as compared to a common human.

Along with His rights, Allah the Exalted makes it obligatory for us, as Muslim, that we should pay the rights of people too. To be thankful to Allah the Exalted for His beauty and benevolence which He manifests at His servants, it is essential too that we should do treat His creature with beauty and benevolence according to our capacity. If we do so, only then we shall be having true understanding of “alhamdolillahe rabbilaalameen” and shall be manifesting it by our states. Along with paying right of worship, we shall be paying rights of creatures of Allah the Exalted. To deal brethren with good conduct, and to spread message of peace and love everywhere, and to live with affection and love in society, to live with mutually paying rights, makes carrier of true and real happiness of Eid. We should make effort in regard of our happiness.


Based on part of Eid-ul-Fitr sermon (June 26, 2017) by Hazrat Khalifatul Messiah V (may Allah help him with His Mighty Help) , UK, alislam.org -- mta.tv