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Trans race movement. It's here, and will it achieve the same recognition as trans sex?


Veteran Member
I recall from decades ago an article about a white
gal & Japanese guy who wanted to marry & live
in Japan. Because she wouldn't be accepted
unless Asian in appearance, she had cosmetic
eye surgery to mimic the look. She was suited
in face & body to blend in, so it worked for them.
Had she been a Viking amazon, results would've
been poor.

I was thinking of being a Viking man.
Thick hairy arms, all that guy- stuff.

The Hammer

Wyrd Wide Web
Premium Member
I dont have rows of pointy teeth


Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member
Being able to "pass" as a trans person is a bit (sexist? Idk)?

Unless I'm mistaken at your meaning.
A trans-sexual person doesn't intend to merely "pass"
(in the sense of merely playing a role without being.)
But if they don't "pass" then this can cause problems
for them with acceptance.

But I am indeed sexist....also racist, lying, right wing,
dumb, anti-science, & hostile. So I'm often told.
It takes the wind from their sails if I embrace the epithets.


Pragmatic Libertarian
Premium Member
That is not going to work.
In this modern world, you're superior because of you size.
- Cheaper to feed.
- More comfortable traveling in a plane.
- Cheaper to clothe.
Although not because the Petite Section is cheaper.
It's cuz you can wear kids' clothing.

It's magnanimous of you to not lord your
superiority over us lumbering oxen who
eat too much, & occupy too much space.

Fallen Prophet

Well-Known Member
British influencer comes out as non-binary and… Korean? | MercatorNet

This serious article and parodied video certainly implies limits are not confined to sexual orientation alone. Ethnicity is an issue with a number of people as in these two instances that bring the subject out.

Ethnicity is now poised to take center stage as the next progression in modern society.

Will they achieve the same success as sexual orientation?

Should trans ethnic people be allowed the same voice and recognition now as trans sex ?

I think ethnicity change should be inclusive as much as transsexuals are, if one really believes in a progressive society.
Naw - that's all nonsense.