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TOS Books

Discussion in 'Setian DIR' started by Sireal, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. Sireal

    Sireal Setian

    The Left Hand Path does not come to you, you go to it.

    The best information about the TOS is found on the TOS web site- google it and use your own intelligence to guage whether it is something you are interested in, don't take my (or anyone else's for that matter) word for it, find out for your self.

    -Uncle Setnakt's Essential guide to the Left Hand Path by Don Webb
    -Lords of the Left Hand Path-Stephen Flowers
    -The 7 Faces of Darkness-Don Webb
    -Numerous web articles by Uncle Setnakt/Don Webb can be found with very little effort.
    -Michael Aquino's public web site has interesting articles/pdf's on it as well....
    -Balanone's web articles are concise and accurate
    its all out there its just not easy to find which must be troubling for a world so used to instant gratification.:magic:
  2. ViaSinistra

    ViaSinistra New Member

    Yes... Lets not forget Don Webbs "Mysteries of the Temple of Set" inner teaching of the Left Hand Path. Published in 2004. I encourage you go through Runa Raven Press.

    Ever Forward......
  3. Sireal

    Sireal Setian

  4. Nos Retep

    Nos Retep Aspirant (for Life)

    Still reading the epoch M.A. posted for the TOS but through that I've found other topics with free sites. Gurjieff, Pythagoras, Egyptology...etc. Hey anyone know of some good Old Kingdom resources? Even the Blavatsky stuff I already have is all New Kingdom (Osirian era).
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  5. ViaSinistra

    ViaSinistra New Member

    Webb has been doing a great job with these blogs!! I'm proud to know others who've come to me and expressed thier blessings and because of Webbs Works have taken that extra effort and incorporated them into thier tool box.
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