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Tombstone, the movie

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Linus, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. Linus

    Linus New Member

    Has anyone sen this movie? I think it is a great flick but there is one question that I cannot find the answer to.

    No, it isn't the meaning of the "huckleberry" line.

    No it isn't the meaning of Doc's "that's funny" line (you know, the one at the end where he's looking at his feet)

    The question I have is this: What does the word "lunger" mean?

    I have searched and asked, but I can't find the answer. I thought it had something to do with Doc's Tuberculosis, but other characters are called this as well.

    Does anyone know?
  2. Scott1

    Scott1 New Member

    As I understand the word.... a lunger is a collection of phlegm (sp?)/mucus collected into the mouth and spit..... yech!
  3. cardero

    cardero Citizen Mod

    Isn't that a "loogey"? Or am I thinking of past tense? For example-"to have loogied."
  4. Bastet

    Bastet Vile Stove-Toucher

    From dictionary.com:

    Main Entry: lung·er
    Pronunciation: 'l&[ng]-&r
    Function: noun
    : one affected with a chronic disease of the lungs; especially : one who is tubercular

    Don't know if that helps...I love that movie too. :p
  5. Linus

    Linus New Member

    That's funny. I went to dictionary.com and typed in "lunger" and got (drumroll please):

    One who lunges.

    Thanks Dcitionary.com!!!:rolleyes:

    Yeah I figured it had something to do with Doc's TB, but I think there is someone else in the movie who is called this. I can't remember who, though. :areyoucra Maybe Im just crazy...
  6. jewscout

    jewscout Religious Zionist

    Linus the only person who was called a Lunger in that movie was Doc. If i remember the bartender is talking to Ike Clanton and when Doc starts to cough up blood and Ike, who just lost a game to Doc says:
    Ike: "Whats wrong with him?"
    Bartender: "Lunger"
    Ike: "Yeah well I hope he dies."

    Then again with Ringo and Doc:
    Ringo: "Don't any of you have the guts to play for blood?"
    Doc: "I'm your huckleberry. That's just my game."
    Ringo: "Alright Lunger, Draw."
    Doc: "Say when."

    And then again at the final show down between Ringo and Doc i think.

    Sorry i'm a big Tombstone fanatic....one of the best movies ever
  7. huajiro

    huajiro New Member

    Wow....I need to pay a little more attention to what is said in movies!!!
  8. croak

    croak Trickster

    Never heard of the movie. :biglaugh:
    I'm laughing 'cause I thought it was some horror movie.
  9. jewscout

    jewscout Religious Zionist

    You poor deprived child:eek: That is one of my favorite movies...ever!
  10. Linus

    Linus New Member

    Thanks Jewscout. That really clears things up.

    It really is one of the best movies of all time. My favorite part is when Wyatt Earp pistol whips that guy with his own gun...classic
  11. jewscout

    jewscout Religious Zionist

    Oh yeah that part rules...
    Wyatt: "I just wanted to let you know you're in my chair."
    Tyler: "Oh is that a fact?"
    Wyatt: "That's a fact."
    Tyler: "For a man that don't go heeled you sure run your mouth kinda reckless"
    Wyatt: "Don't need to go heel to get the bulge on a dub like you."
    Tyler: "That a fact?"
    Wyatt blows smoke from his cigar: "That's a fact."
    Tyler: "Well i'm real scared"
    Wyatt: "You damn right your scared. I can see it in your eyes."
    Wyatt moves in and Tyler backs up all scared and sH!t. Tyler reaches for his gun.
    Wyatt: "Go ahead, skin it. Skin that smoke wagon and see what happens."
    Tyler stutters: "Look mister i'm gettin real tired..."
    Wyatt b!tch slaps him.
    Wyatt: "I'm gettin' tired of your gassin'. Jerk that pistol and get to work boy."
    Wyatt b!tch slaps him again.
    Wyatt: "I said throw down boy."
    Yet another b!tch smack...tyler is bleeding from his lip.
    Wyatt: "You gonna do something or just stand there and bleed?"
    Tyler just stands there like a punk
    Wyatt: "No, didn't think so. Here Milt. [throws gun to the bartender] Keepsake, hang it over the bar. [wyatt grabs tyler by the ear] Alright youngster out you go."

  12. Linus

    Linus New Member

    Althought that part does indeed rock, it is not the part I was talking about.

    Im talking about the part where Wyatt walks out of a builiding and bumps into some guy (don't know his name) and the guy gets all mad at him

    Wyatt: Easy kid, Im sorry
    Guy: I ain't easy and I ain't your kid. You can take sorry and shove it up yer @$$.
    Wyatt: ...
    Guy: I'll fight you right now! (flashes his pistol)
    (Wyatt then proceeds to grab the guy's pistol and knocks him in the head with it. The guy just falls down on the poarch of the building, gets up, a little scared, and quickly backs away to his horse)

    That's not from the official script, just the way I remember the movie. I think it's just so funny how that guy thinks he is so cool, and just gets punked so easily by Wyatt. Great...
  13. Bastet

    Bastet Vile Stove-Toucher

    They had that there as a second definition, but I didn't post it.
  14. Bastet

    Bastet Vile Stove-Toucher

    :jam: I love that line!
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